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All replacement glazing requires Building Regulations and this has been the case since 2002. Velux windows and skylights are no exception.

There are plenty of roofers cutting corners by telling their customers that Building Regulations are not required if all they are doing is making a straight swap! This is simply not the case. Anyone who installs replacement windows or doors has to comply with the new thermal performance standards.

When the time comes to sell a property, a purchaser’s surveyor will ask for evidence that any replacement glazing installed after April 2002 complies with the new Building Regulations. Any work carried out is likely to come to light through a local land search enquiry.

Building Regulations, Velux, Roof WindowThere are two ways to prove compliance:

  1. A certificate showing that the work has been done by an installer who is registered under the FENSA Scheme.
  2. A certificate from the local authority saying that the installation has approval under the Building Regulations.

Velux themselves state on their blog that replacement windows do need building regulation approval.

So what should you do if your roofer or installer tells you that Building Regulations are not required?

Quite simply – run for the hills!!

If they are prepared to cut corners on applying for Building Regulations, then they will be prepared to cut corners on the actual work. It is not unheard of for local authorities to serve an enforcement notice on the homeowner requiring removal of work which contravenes the regulations. If the homeowner doesn’t comply then the local authority has the power to undertake the work itself and recover costs for doing so.

How Ploughcroft Protect Homeowners

At Ploughcroft, we replace and install all rooflights and roof windows to current Building Regulation standards and supply our customers with a Building Regulation certificate.

We deal with all the Building Regulations and ensure a certificate is provided to prove compliance, regardless of whether the customer has had a new installation or has replaced existing windows or skylights. This ensures that there is no problem at a later date and prevents the customer from running into related difficulties when they sell their home in the future.

We take a look at the some of the things you can do to make your home a better space to live in. We have 7 ways to make your home work harder for you. Creating a better way to live and work, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills too.


Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Replacing your old Tiled Conservatory Roof, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you poly carbonate conservatory roof with a Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement! will make your conservatory a more usable space, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you already have a conservatory but feel as though you get little use out of it, a solid conservatory roof replacement can turn your under used space into a delightful living space which can be enjoyed all year round. Aesthetically pleasing and boasting superior energy efficient qualities.

Mr & Mrs Hirst, Brighouse – ‘We were very pleased with the whole procedure of replacing our conservatory roof. The finished tiled roof is amazing and we love sitting in our new garden room!’

Bi-Fold Doors

Bo-Fold doors, Ploughcroft, making your home work harder

Extending your living space into your garden with bi-fold doors is a wonderful way of transforming your living space.

Modern alternatives to the ‘patio door’ offer high energy performance, come with triple glazing and are designed to withstand the elements. Maintaining warmth within your home during winter and providing refreshingly cool temperatures in summer.

Quickslide – Super secure and extremely energy efficient, they will keep the heat in and reduce outside noise levels whilst still leaving a lasting impression.

Eco Roof™

If your propertEco-Roof, Bi-Fold Doors, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you y has an attic conversion, room-in-the-roof, loft conversion or a vaulted ceiling, re-roofing and insulating with modern hi-tech solutions could save you a substantial amount on your heating bills each year.

Keeping the heat in, especially in older properties, is undoubtedly the best way to make your home work harder for you!

Pat Walker, Filey – ‘Our Eco roof  was installed over 2 years ago. We rate it as one of the best improvements that has been done to our bungalow. We were impressed with the advice we were given and the price. Our heating bill is now so low, to the point that the energy supplier wanted to check the meter was working correctly!’


You don’t need to forfeit too much of your outdoor spaceHouse extensions, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you in order to make a huge difference to your living space. What may seem like a wasted bit of land could give you that extra living space to transform your home.

A small ground floor extension could give you the perfect additional space and the great news is you can go ahead and build without planning permission if the work falls within certain guidelines.

Alison Hall, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse – ‘It looks like we’ve made pretty good progress against your initial plan for the building of our extension.  Firstly thank you! It has been a great experience and we are really looking forward to decorating and moving in to use the space.  Thanks also to Mark and the various teams and individuals who have been involved with our build.  They have all been polite and totally professional throughout.’


Balcony Systems

Balcony systems, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Balcony Systems can  transform your flat roof or garage into a delightful, usable and unique outdoor living space – a little piece of heaven for you to relax on with family and friends. Roof balcony systems can be installed on most flat roofs and walkways and offer shelter from the wind, privacy, and elegance.

While some balcony systems may require planning permission, many don’t and we can provide advice on planning permission if necessary.

Mr Taylor, Osmotherly – ‘Needless to say we are very pleased with the overall look you have given the project, our home. We would like to convey our thanks to all the team involved with special mention to Luke and Scott, also many thanks to the 2 Karl’s and Graham who worked tirelessly to achieve such a perfect finish. Luke is a very personable young man really deserves to do well, he worked hard, and showed innovation and ingenuity when required and as you can see in the photos the balustrade he constructed is millimetre perfect.

Your workmen were polite and respectful at all times, they are a credit to your company. Furthermore, we would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends (we have done so already) or anyone else who enquires.’


Roof Windows & Skylights:

Replacing old roof windows and skylights with modern, contemporary, energy efficient alternatives gives you the perfect opportunity to enhance your home and increase natural lRoof Windows, Luxlight®, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you ight.

Contemporary alternatives, such as ROOF Maker, provide the best thermal performance technology on the market.  The ‘more glass and less frame’ philosophy ensures a beautiful minimalistic look which will make you the envy of your neighbours! With U-Values as low as 0.6 these windows certainly deliver on enrgy efficienty too.

N, West Yorkshire (courtesy of Which? Trusted Traders) ‘Ploughcroft have been fantasic. The first time we used them for Velux windows, this time it was for the roof. Once again they have been very professional, on time, polite and tidy whilst carrying out the work. I would be happy to recommend them.’


Solar Panels

Capture & harness the energy of suSolar Panels, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you n! Solar PV converts daylight into electricity. With new advances in technology, it is also possible to incorporate batery storage. Enabling you to generate electricity during the day and store it for later use.

Contrary to popular belief, solar PV doesn’t need direct sunlight to work. Solar panels use the energy from daylight and can still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

Mr & Mrs Birkenhead, Halifax – Thank you ever so much. Thank you to all your staff, what a great team you are, bless you all.

To discuss any of the above ways of making your home work harder for you, simply get in touch today or call us on 01422 202919

We firmly believe that looking after your roof and installing energy saving measures to your home will save you money in the long run for the finer things in life!

Bi-Fold Doors

Making your home work harder for you by… helping maintain warmth within your homes during winter and providing refreshingly cool temperatures in summer. Why not extend your living space into your garden with our Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-Fold Doors, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Making your home work harder for you by… eliminating the hassle of leaks which are often experienced in poly-carbonate roofs with a Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement! As well as no more of cleaning dirty roofs or sounds of rain and wind. Keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, meaning you can use your conservatory comfortable all year round!

Tiled Conservatory Roof, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Eco Roof™:

Making your home work harder for you by… keeping the heat in and your heating bills down. You can increase your property value by up to 14% and raise your Energy Performance Certificate by two bands! Our research shows that around 50% of heat is lost through poorly insulated attics, so why not save up-to £500 a year with our Eco Roof™?

Eco-Roof, Bi-Fold Doors, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you


Making your home work harder for you by… optimising all the space it provides! You don’t need to forfeit too much of your outdoor space in order to make a huge difference to your living space, and you may not even have to apply for planning permission for an extension to your home! Why move home when you can increase the value of it and extend outwards?

Extensions, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Loft Conversions:

Making your home work harder for you by… increasing your space whilst decreasing energy costs. In most cases, permitted development rights mean that a loft conversion can be carried out with no planning permission and all the building regulation approval can be taken care of by our friendly office staff! Why not extend your living space in the cheapest way with our loft conversions?

Loft Conversions, Extensions, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Roof Windows:

Making your home work harder for you by… replacing energy inefficient roof windows with Luxlight® roof windows, letting more light in. In partnership with ROOF maker, Luxlight® have the highest energy performance on the market; they’re triple glazed, easy clean and offer uninterrupted views from within.

Roof Windows, Luxlight®, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

Solar Panels:

Making your home work harder for you by… capturing the sun’s energy. By having Solar Panels, you can use the energy it collects to generate electricity, allowing it to run your household appliances and lighting so you don’t have to depend on the National Grid! Why not let your home run itself?

Solar Panels, Ploughcroft, Making your home work harder for you

To discuss any of the above ways of making your home work harder for you, simply get in touch today or call us on 01422 202919

A lot of changes happen during summer that help shape our homes.

Perhaps your children are moving out to university by the end of the summer so you’re looking to tailor your home more to your tastes and shed that ‘teenagers-have-definitely-been here’ look?

Maybe your family is expanding and you want your home to grow accordingly to accommodate new arrivals or energetic grandchildren that often come to visit?

Whatever your situation, a home is where you unwind and be yourself and should always cater for your needs and tastes whilst reflecting your personality. However, extravagant prices are often associated with home improvements.

But did you know, with the modern, energy-efficient building options now available, property developments can now be considered a worthwhile, money-saving long-term investment for your home?

Maximising the Space You Have

When we crave more space, relocating to a bigger home often springs to mind but what about the space you already have available in your home?

loft conversion, home improvement

Loft Conversions

The cheapest way to expand your home, and perhaps one of the most effective, is a loft conversion. It utilises untapped space, expanding upwards rather than outwards so you don’t sacrifice valuable garden space.

Intelligent insulation options, such as the innovative Eco Roof™ thermal blanket, can save you up to £500 on your annual energy bills, keeping your new loft conversion and indeed, your entire property, well heated. The Eco Roof™ has also been proven to increase a property’s value by up to 14%!

There has never been a better time for a loft conversion and often you won’t even need planning permission (you can find out more on the Planning Portal).

An office, game/hobby room, playroom, gym, extra bedroom, or even storage to free up and declutter other areas of your home, a loft conversion can hold unlimited potential for any home.

, tiled conservatory roof ,conservatory roof, home improvement, conservatory roof replacement,

Conservatories & Orangeries

For hosting dinner parties or adding a sitting room, conservatories and orangeries are an ideal solution.

Gone are the days of cheaper polycarbonate conservatory roofs, which were often susceptible to leaks. Today, conservatory roofs can be tiled and extremely energy-efficient and well-insulated.
Tiled conservatory roofs are also robust and resilient against typical British weather.

Energy bills and long-term maintenance costs are kept low and, with a comfortable temperature constantly maintained, you and your family can use your conservatory all year round to really make the most of the extra space and get more value for your money- it’s a win- win!

balcony, home improvement


Possibilities for flat roofs and garage roofs to be transformed into elegant balconies are often overlooked. The truth is, many insulated options are now available, again saving you money on energy bills, whilst increasing the kerb appeal of your home.

Giving you access to great views and an outside area to relax in, balconies can be a great way to get fresh air and soak up that all important vitamin D, without really leaving your home!

Skylight Window installation, roof windows, VELUX, home improvement

Roof Windows and Skylights

If brightening up your home is what you’re after, investing in good quality double or triple-glazed roof windows and skylights is a wise choice.

Roof windows, especially those by reputable companies like VELUX, ensure a loft, conservatory or orangery feels open and spacious, whilst allowing healthy natural light to filter in.

Classic vaulted ceilings and stylish roof windows also act as a great centre piece and ‘wow factor’ for any home.

Improving and expanding the space you have truly is a more cost-effective (not to mention less stressful) option than moving and any improvements to your home increase the overall value of your property exponentially in the long run.

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