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Solar Systems & Battery Storage

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Solar Systems & Solar Panel Battery Storage

Looking for quality solar systems or solar panel battery storage or need to re-roof a property which already has solar panels installed?

Ploughcroft have installed over 10,000 solar panels throughout the UK. Our fully qualified installers are highly experienced in installing solar systems. Our staff are all qualified roofers and highly skilled at keeping the integrity of the roof/surface they are mounted to.

Working alongside Avonside Renewables division, we install high-quality solar PV systems for both the domestic & the commercial sector.

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Re-roofing if you have a solar system already installed

What happens if you need to re-roof your property and you already have solar panels installed?

Do you need to replace the roof on a property that has solar panels already installed? If so, it is absolutely imperative that it is done by a roofer experienced in this type of work.

Ploughcroft will ensure that your roof is fully guaranteed through ‘Competent Roofer’ and that your solar system is re-fitted in accordance with best practice.

Solar Panel Battery Storage for PV Solar Systems

If you are aiming to become energy independent, solar panel battery storage offers a huge step forward. Adding battery storage enables you to store the surplus energy generated during the day (which costs nothing) and use it when you are home of an evening. Thus avoiding paying for electricity at a time which is typically peak rate.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a replacement inverter, it is definitely worth looking at our new solar Hybrid systems which enable you to store energy for when you really need it, either from your own generation or drawing it down from the grid and storing it in the battery for later.

We are working alongside Avonsides Renewable Division to provide our customers with an amazing system which delivers a great return on investment. This system ensures that the energy gets from your roof into your home with hardly any loss, ensuring you can enjoy clean, low-cost energy when you need it.


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Getting Paid for the Energy You Produce

If you’re thinking about installing solar PV panels to earn money from selling your unused electricity back to the grid, then you have until March 2019 to apply.
Although the government are making noises about replacing the current Feed-In Tariff payments with an alternative scheme, it’s still not clear what the alternatives will be. If you’re keen to go green and thinking of getting solar installed then now is the time to do so. If you leave it until after April 2019, the smart option would be to install a hybrid solar system along with battery storage in order to store the energy you generate, rather than giving it back to the grid, for free.

Alternatively, see our piece on battery storage which makes the most of your energy without feeding it back to the grid.

Already receive the FIT payments?

Don’t worry! You will continue to receive these for 20 years from the date you had your technology installed – or 25 years for those who first benefited from the FIT scheme.

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