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Solar Panel Installation

power your home day & night for FREE!

A technologically advanced hybrid solar panel installation from Ploughcroft will help power your home day & night for FREE!

Innovative Solar Panel Installation that enables properties to save more and generate more energy than conventional systems.

In partnership with Prime Hybrid Energy, our technologically advanced, award-winning solar PV hybrid systems don’t just store the energy you produce during the day. They also choose whether the generated energy should be stored, consumed or topped up from the grid — whichever proves most cost-effective — taking solar panel installation to a whole new level.

From March 2019, the only financial benefit of installing solar PV is the savings on your energy bills. This being said, the savings can be substantial if the right system is installed. So if you are thinking of installing solar PV, it is absolutely essential that you make the most of the new hybrid technology currently available.


Solar Panel Installation with Game-Changing Smart Technology

Prime Hybrid, battery storage, solar PV, Solar Panell InstallationOur Prime Hybrid inverter is technologically advanced, durable, smart and user-friendly. Charging fast on demand and discharging on demand at a maximum of 2.5kW, it comes complete with game-changing smart technology. Simply set preferences through the user-friendly web portal, then relax as the integrated control unit drives the technology to take care of itself.

The Prime Hybrid inverter comes well equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. When integrated with a smart meter, it has the power to reduce load on the grid by sharing energy with the wider community at peak times, ready to be replaced in the off-peak period as well as maximising grid efficiency and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

How it works

Seamless integration to online monitoring and control platform gives the freedom to change and streamline your energy efficiency. You can see the Prime Hybrid System working in real time here.

  • GENERATE – Market-leading solar panels generate FREE electricity straight from your roof to power your home.
  • STORE – The award-winning battery system is designed to meet your electrical requirements. You can store the electricity generated during the day and use it throughout the night, meaning you use minimal electricity from the grid.
  • MANAGE – The bespoke online portal shows how much you are saving and allows you to manage your own energy demands.
  • IMPORT – The advanced technology allows you to charge your Prime battery on Economy 7 during the night when electricity is half the price of during the day.
  • OFF-GRID – During a power cut, Prime Hybrid will allow you to use essential loads including lighting, heating, security and various appliances.

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Solar-Panelled Roof Repairs to Existing Solar-Panelled Roofs

If you need to replace the roof on a property that has solar panels already installed, Ploughcroft will ensure that your roof is fully guaranteed through ‘Competent Roofer’. With our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff having installed over 10,000 solar panels, you can rest assured that your solar system will be re-fitted in accordance with best practice.

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