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Safe Ways to Hang Christmas Lights from Your Roof

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Safe Ways to Hang Christmas Lights from Your Roof

As Christmas approaches, plenty of homeowners will be pulling out their ladders and Christmas lights to light up the streets with Christmas cheer. But we’d like to focus our attention on the roof decorators. If you are planning on getting onto your roof to install Christmas lights, here’s a few things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, we never recommend that you climb on your roof. You could create damage just by walking on your roofing material, and it’s also dangerous if there’s snow or ice.

DO NOT use nails or anything that penetrates the roofing material. The best method is to use gutter clips; a modified S- hook clip that attaches to the edge of the gutter. The lights will then attach onto this clip to ensure that the wires of the lights and the roofing aren’t damaged.

The best way to hang lights is to use a ladder and move it often. Before starting the process, make sure your ladder is in good repair and the rungs are free of any snow or moisture. Secondly, make sure you have quality footwear that is dry and free of ice. Trainers like Tennis shoes can easily slip, especially if there is bad weather. Placement of the ladder is also very important. Ensure that your ladder is on a level, dry ground and that you can easily reach the areas you will be working on without leaning too far in any direction. When you do move your ladder- which should be often- always make sure your shoes are dry before climbing the ladder again.

If you think you might have damaged your roof during the process of putting up or taking down your Christmas lights, give us a call. We can check it’s safe and replace or fix any problems with your roof line, fascias or tiles.

This is a wonderful time of year and having twinkly lights covering your home can make you feel warm and Christmassy! But above all this is a time for family and friends and you want to ensure you’ll be home with them and not laid in a hospital bed recovering from a bad fall. Use caution and enlist help to make sure you will be enjoying the holidays in good health.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Be safe so you can stay merry!

From all of us here at Ploughcroft

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