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Roofing for Schools and Academies

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Professional Roofing Services for
Academy and School Facilities Management

Ploughcroft are experienced in providing effective roofing solutions for schools, academies, and sixth-form colleges with a proven track record of successful projects.

As heritage roofing specialists, we are experts in providing the unique craftsmanship required to restore the roofs on old school buildings. For schools and academies that stand to benefit from our Flat Roof services, we have strong relationships with leading brands such as SIKA Liquid Plastics.

We also have strategic partnerships with Chartered Building Surveyors and architects to help increase schools’ chances of securing funding to finance works, such as roofing, via the Condition Improvement Fund and similar initiatives.

At Ploughcroft, we understand that Academy trusts need to be smart about their resources and finances. That’s why we enjoy helping schools and colleges reduce energy bills through insulated warm roofs and our state-of-the-art Eco Roof™.

Why Choose Ploughcroft to Carry Out Works on Your Academy Roof?

Our highly trained and qualified roofing operatives are familiar with working in environments of education. They’ve worked on a variety of school roofing projects in the past. All our re-roofing work meets BS 5534 British Roofing Standards, whilst coming with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, through our association with CompetentRoofer.

Ploughcroft work alongside leading building surveyors and architects who are experienced in the complex Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) application process, increasing your academy’s likelihood of securing funding to make vital improvements to ensure continued school building maintenance.

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) involves an annual round of bidding for eligible academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for funding to finance works needed to maintain safe and good quality conditions in school buildings. Funding is often awarded to pay for projects which provide a solution to compliance and health and safety issues, such as ensuring a school building is watertight.

Who Can Apply for the Condition Improvement Fund?

Single academy trusts, small multi-academy trusts (MATs) with less than 3,000 pupils, and sixth-form colleges are all eligible to apply for the funding. They all must do so via a qualified and accredited architect or Chartered Building Surveyor.

Ploughcroft can connect School Facilities Management staff to the very best Surveyors and architects, who speak the language of the assessors and have insight and knowledge as to what funding decision-makers look for. We only partner with surveyors who have a high success rate working with Chartered Building Surveyors and architects to help academies and sixth-form colleges navigate the challenging bidding process, making it a seamless experience.

Willows After School Club in Bingley, Liquid Waterproofing system

What If Your Academy Trust Is Not Eligible for the Condition Improvement Fund?

While not eligible for the Condition Improvement Fund, multi-academy trusts (MATs) with at least 5 academies and more than 3,000 pupils will receive a School Condition Allocation (SCA) designed for them to strategically cover their priority school building maintenance needs.

Ploughcroft welcome the opportunity to help larger academies maintain their school building, providing the same access to our Chartered Building Surveyors and architect partners and the very best sustainable and lasting roofing solutions.

Flat Roofing for a School Building

For flat roofing projects, we work with market-leaders SIKA Liquid Plastics to deliver energy-efficient solutions that are cold-applied, ensuring safety is maintained at all times. This, coupled with their low odour, makes them especially suitable for application within term time.

Find out how Keighley based Eastwood Community School, whose ageing roof was experiencing leaks, benefited from a high-end liquid plastic re-roof carried out by Ploughcroft using a SIKA Liquid System. Alternatively, read about how we worked closely with Willows After School Club in Bingley to devise a safe programme of works when applying a new liquid waterproofing system to the building, to ensure work was carried out conveniently during term time with minimal disruption.

Roof Replacements and Repairs for an Older School Building

As reputable Heritage Roofing specialists, Ploughcroft excel at repairing and replacing pitched roofs on more dated school buildings for academies and sixth-form colleges. Historical buildings need extra care, and Ploughcroft has the experience and expertise to provide this specialist roofing treatment.

With staff fully qualified in Understanding Repair and Maintenance of Traditional pre-1919 Buildings, our craftsmen and operatives have the necessary understanding of the guiding principles of this niche type of work. Our team have the required skills to carry out lead and slate work to restore your heritage school building back to its former glory.

school heritage roofing, Early Excellence Centre Huddersfield

Our portfolio of heritage school building work includes insulating and re-roofing a Brighouse school building that dated back to around 1850, restoring the Weathervane on William Henry Smith School and carrying out a re-roof for the Early Excellence Centre in Huddersfield, who were keen for their school building, which is over 120-years-old, to maintain its original appearance.

Reducing Your School’s and Academy’s Energy Costs

As inventors of the cutting-edge Eco Roof™ Thermal Blanket, Ploughcroft are perfectly positioned to help academies looking to cut their energy spend. Our Eco Roof™ is an innovative combination of high-tech roofing insulation and re-roof that ensures your school building maintains a comfortably cool temperature in summer and retains warmth during winter.

Ploughcroft’s high-standard warm roofs for schools offer superior insulation levels. Our well-insulated Warm Roofs prevent valuable heat from escaping and facilitate a more comfortable learning environment for pupils, whilst ensuring energy bills aren’t a huge drain on school resources.

All Saints Academy in Darfield, South Yorkshire, is just one of the schools to take advantage of our clever Eco Roof™, making their school 12 times more energy efficient than it was with their previous roof and saving the school, quite literally, thousands of pounds in unwelcome heating costs.

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