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Trusted Ridge Pointing by Roofing Contractors | Ploughcroft

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Flexible Ridge and Roof Pointing

When it comes to repointing roof ridges, there is no doubt that Flexim roof putty can handle extreme wind speeds and storms.

The ridge is the complete horizontal area where two sloped parts of a roof system meet. Traditionally roof pointing consisted of a mortar mix which bonded the ridge tiles to the roof. However, a survey from the National House Building Council (NHBC) stated that more and more people have concerns about the effectiveness of the old mortar bonded ridge tiles.

Ploughcroft uses Flexim Roof Putty which is a ready-to-use brand of roof pointing putty that is revolutionising roofing as an alternative to traditional cement based mortar. An incredibly trustworthy roof tile adhesive, Flexim Roof Putty can be used for flexible ridge pointing on new builds, reroofing or repairs. It is the best roof pointing alternative to traditional concrete mortar which, over time, will crack and need replacing.

One of the main benefits of Flexim Roof Putty is that it flexes to moves with your building. Experienced and accredited roofers, Ploughcroft’s Flexible Ridge Pointing services fully comply with British Roofing Standards.

What Do We Use Flexible Ridge Pointing Flexim Roof Putty For?

We use Flexim Roof Putty to secure tiles or tile pieces to the valleys of roofs and fit ridge caps and hip tiles (the hip of a roof is where the edges of two sloping sides of a roof meet at an angle, so the edge that runs up to the roof ridge at the highest point of the roof). We also use the multipurpose material for fixing loose roof tiles, firmly attaching tiles to roof windows, sealing corrugated roofs to ensure they are waterproof and repairing torn lead flashing.

Roof Pointing Has Never Been So Efficient And Cost-Effective

The innovative Roof Putty means that installations and repointing a roof can be done in as little as a third of the time, saving money for property owners. All our roof pointing and flexible ridge pointing follows NHBC and British Roofing Standards. The specialist material we use for repointing roof ridges is also environmentally friendly and ideal for sustainable building construction.

Tried and Tested Material For Repointing Roof Ridges

Since its inception in 1984, Flexim Roof Putty has gone from strength to strength and has been used on an impressive 4 million plus homes all over the world and it’s no wonder. Flexim has been independently and vigorously tested, passing elasticity examinations and weathering assessments, that were carried out using many different types of tile and slate, with flying colours.

When it comes to repointing roof ridges, there is no doubt that Flexim roof putty can handle extreme wind speeds and storms. In 2011, Flexim Roof Putty was certified by The British Board of Agrément (BBA) to withstand wind speeds of 110mph. The product has also won Most Innovative Product at the Roofex Show in 2013.

Benefits of Flexible Roof Pointing

  • Permanently flexes to move with the building
  • Completely weatherproof and instantly waterproof
  • Unaffected by contraction and expansion of roof tiles
  • Unaffected by any wind lift on the tiles
  • Fully compliant with NHBC and British Roofing Standards
  • Choose from a range of colours – red, brown, black and grey
  • A lightweight tried and tested material

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