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High-Level Maintenance

Ploughcroft has a team of high-access roofers who are trained to the highest standards to ensure all the high-level maintenance work we carry out is conducted safely and securely.

Repairing and restoring roofs and rooflines that are higher than usual can be difficult and dangerous. When it comes to carrying out high-level maintenance, Ploughcroft is more than well equipped to handle any job at height.

We can work with any high-level access requirement and site limitations using the most appropriate high-level access equipment, tools and machinery for the job. For example, we used scaffolding to safely replace several old roofs at the Grade 2 listed High Fernley Hall near Wyke in Bradford with our energy-efficient Eco Roof.


Ploughcroft provides our own scaffolding and high-level maintenance systems to all our jobs. Our high-level access team is trained and experience in constructing and dismantling scaffolding with minimal disruption to the property owner.

Cherry Pickers

Ploughcroft uses a fleet of cherry pickers to provide our skilled high-level access team with a safe and easy method of high-level maintenance for structural assessments and repairs. They can be elevated quickly to respond to emergencies in difficult-to-reach areas. Using the cherry pickers can also reduce costs of scaffolding requirements.

Emergency work required as a result of storm damage is an example of a situation where immediate repairs at height need to be carried out. With a ladder or scaffolding, this would take much longer, compromising the integrity of the roof. Our cherry pickers also give Ploughcroft a unique opportunity to complete high-level photography as a means of carrying out building surveys.

Roof Anchor System

A ground-breaking piece of kit, the Roof Anchor System, was designed by our very own Managing Director, Chris Hopkins. The Roof Anchor system is a first for the industry, designed to reduce the time roofing companies have to spend putting up scaffolding for short-duration jobs.

The Roof Anchor is an amazing safety device which negates the need for scaffolding in some instances, thus saving costs and time during high-level maintenance projects whilst still ensuring safety and without compromising the integrity of the roof surface. It also has a universal fitting, meaning no matter what type of roof it is, The Roof Anchor system will fit. The equipment is easy to carry, fitting neatly into a backpack. It comprises a harness plus rope grab and roof anchor device that attaches to timber rafters or trusses.

Benefits of High-Level Maintenance

  • Variety of high-level access equipment,
  • Easy and safe access to any repair or restoration,
  • Can be used in emergencies for a quick response to a problem.

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