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Quality, reliability and professionalism at a competitive price are all key elements in deciding on your Commercial Roofing Contractor.

Ploughcroft provide a huge array of commercial roofing services for businesses and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. If youu need a specialist roofer, we have a solution to most problems.

Quality, reliability and professionalism at a competitive price are all key elements in deciding on your Building Maintenance provider. With over 20 years’ experience, we offer a wide range of services and a fast response time. Ploughcroft takes pride in offering a consistently efficient, friendly service to a wide range of industrial, commercial and retail clients throughout the north of England.

We are accustomed to working closely with all types of planning departments, committees, architects and quantity surveyors specifying products from leading manufacturers. We also have experience working in various sensitive and high-security areas and our employees are trained to conform to all regulations and procedures this may involve. With all our staff DBS checked, we are well versed at working on occupied buildings such as school premises and public buildings.

“As Bailiff Bridge School is a heritage building Ploughcroft is always our first choice when it comes to roofing work. Their work is second to none! Unfortunately, during this year’s summer holiday, the school was targeted for lead theft. The damage done was significant and the forecast of imminent storms and heavy rain left the school in a very vulnerable position. . . . This school community is indebted to Ploughcroft for their commitment, quality workmanship and professionalism. I strongly recommend them without any hesitation!” — Bailiff Bridge School (Courtesy of Which? Trusted Traders)

Health, Safety & Management

The health & safety of our staff and customers is an absolute priority. As a group, we have our own health & safety team who carry out regular site audits and spot checks on all our projects.

All our team leaders are SSSTS, SMSTS or IOSH qualified and all our staff are DBS checked for your peace of mind. We act as principal contractors and take responsibility for CDM Compliance.

Liquid-Applied & Single Ply Flat Roofing Systems

Ploughcroft only specialise in the highest quality flat roofing systems. Warm flat roofs that are highly durable and extremely energy efficient to ensure lower energy costs.

When dealing with large, commercial areas we use SIKA Liquid Plastics. This cold applied roofing system is ideal for schools, education facilities and large commercial areas. Its application is cold applied and causes minimal disruption.

Also ideal for walkways as the skid inhibiting surface is guaranteed for up to 20 years.

For smaller roof areas we use the Firestone single ply roof membranes to give a seamless, hard wearing finish.

Lead Work

Commercial Roofing

Lead work roofing is common for churches, listed buildings, chimneys and bay roofs. If poor-quality thin lead is installed, it can wear away and cause leaks. However, if it is installed properly and to a high quality, it can last over 100 years.

Lead has also become an environmentally friendly option for many. Much of the lead we use today is recycled and reused.

Our lead specialists are renowned for their impressive work on chimneys, bay roofs, finials and decorative projects.

Fragile Roof Upgrades

As commercial roofs get older they can start to erode, especially if roofs contain asbestos. Sheets can crack and lift, making the roof susceptible to leaking.

By upgrading an old and fragile roof, the roof becomes safer and more secure, making future building works and repairs much easier and less time-consuming. It also increases the service life expectancy of the building’s roof.

Relining and Coating Gutters

Commercial Roofing, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter liningCommercial gutters can be vulnerable to a battering by the weather and often need repairing to avoid water ingress to the property. If the guttering isn’t properly maintained it can lead to very expensive and inconvenient repairs in the future.

Ploughcroft relines and coats commercial gutters in order to stop cracking and splitting. Our seamless gutters are impervious to leaking and stop standing water.

Asbestos-Containing Roof Structures

If you own or lease a commercial property you may be responsible for managing asbestos. When disturbed, asbestos releases harmful fibres into the air making simple commercial roof repairs very difficult for you, the property owner. That’s where we come in.

Not only are Ploughcroft expert commercial roofing contractors, but we are experienced, licensed category-2-asbestos-removal contractors, specialising in commercial buildings.

If you suspect there may be asbestos in your commercial building you will need to:

  • Check the lease or contract to see who is responsible for asbestos;
  • Use an external, accredited surveyor to carry out an asbestos survey;
  • Have the material analysed and keep a record;
  • Carry out a health and safety risk assessment;
  • Contract an experienced asbestos removal company to repair or remove any part of the building where asbestos was found.

If you don’t have a plan to deal with asbestos you could face a fine or imprisonment.

Benefits of Commercial Roofing with Ploughcroft

  • All our team leaders are SSSTS, SMSTS or IOSH qualified
  • All our staff are DBS checked for your peace of mind
  • We act as principle contractors and take responsibility for CDM Compliance
  • Complimentary services accompany our commercial roofing services such as high-level access equipment & drone surveys

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