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roof insulation Wetherby

Roof Insulation in Wetherby

As any family naturally grows so does their need for extra space. With the roof of a house being such a vital element of the overall structure, converting your loft into a useable room without upsetting your bank balance is a no-brainer.

roof insulation Wetherby

A cool fact for you is that Wetherby’s average low temperatures during the Winter months are a chilly 0-2 degrees centigrade. That’s more reason to ensure your new energy-efficient Eco-Roof and Eco Loft Storage are insulated to the highest standard, and that’s where Ploughcroft comes in.

Here at Ploughcroft, we know that unfortunately, up to 50% of heat can escape through the uninsulated roofs of older homes that still have their original attics. Our team are passionate at helping Yorkshire residents enjoy warmer homes via our roof insulation services and by delivering a smooth and hassle-free roofing insulation Wetherby experience.

With the Government making reducing domestic energy consumption nationwide one of their top priorities there are many grants available to make your home more energy efficient. These include funding for free or subsidized loft insulation under the Energy Company Obligation (running until 31st March 2017), that also protects UK residents against rising fuel costs.

Knowledgeable and approachable, our friendly team can provide you with sound advice on how to find out what grants are available, including the many local grants available to Wetherby residents, and help you easily navigate the paperwork and application processes.


No matter if you and your family are particularly environmentally conscious, our innovative Eco-Roof cleverly combines our professional re-roofing and top-notch insulation services to considerably lower your household fuel bills. The impressive Eco-Roof could save you up to a rewarding £500 a year on heating expenses and increase your property’s value by up to 14%, all the while boosting your Energy Efficiency Certificate by two grades!

But how does this modern Eco-Roof that has earnt itself the reputation for being the ‘roof that pays for itself’ work?

roof insulation Wetherby

To decide what insulation depth your roof requires; our expert surveyors carry out a comprehensive analysis to determine the current condition of your existing roof. Insulation materials stop heat from moving through the material with the matting fibres trapping the air and thus heat within it. As experienced loft insulators, our proficient team understand that the insulation shouldn’t be too overstretched or compressed as this would render its insulating properties ineffective.

Our well-seasoned staff insulate the loft hatch, necessary pipes and tanks whilst leaving you with the access to areas you need, implementing enough ventilation to avoid troublesome condensation and safely considering all the electrical wiring involved.

We efficiently insulate your home from the outside so there’s minimal disruption to your living space. Once the insulation is installed we fit our state-of-the-art Eco-Roof Thermal Blanket so your home remains a pleasure to be in all year round- cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter like a Thermos flask!



eco roof


“Very professional, excellent standard of work and cleanliness and (very importantly) trustworthy.”

eco roof

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