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Roof Insulation in Wakefield

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The last thing you want to be greeted by when you come in after a hard day’s work is a freezing cold home.

Why suffer the draughts and chills when you can invest in a smart Ploughcroft Eco-Roof that can prevent heat from seeping through the top of your home and the money you spend on your energy bills from being wasted?

Roof Insulation Wakefield

Although residents of the West Yorkshire city of Wakefield will be no strangers to cool temperatures, it doesn’t mean they should have to live with Wakefield’s average low temperatures of 2-4 degrees centigrade at home too! Occupants of older homes that still have their original uninsulated attic should especially consider installing a Ploughcroft Eco-Roof as up to 50% of heat can escape through uninsulated roofs.

At Ploughcroft we take great pleasure in helping households embrace energy efficiency with our floor and roof insulation in Wakefield and Yorkshire, all delivered efficiently with a courteous service.

The Government is fully on board with helping residents in the UK make their homes more energy efficient in a bid to curb the country’s carbon footprint and therefore offers a range of grants and funding schemes to finance energy-saving measures such as roof and loft insulation. These financial aids, which mainly come under the umbrella of the Energy Company Obligation scheme (running until 31st March 2017), also protect UK residents against rising fuel costs.

As proficient and certified roofing professionals, we can provide you with advice on which of these Government grants you are entitled to, give you a hand with filling out the right paperwork and answer any questions you have about more local energy efficiency support initiatives.


Are you looking to cut your energy bills and reduce your household’s carbon footprint? Then you’ve come to the right place! An effective fusion of our premier re-roofing and leading insulation services, Ploughcroft’s trademark Eco-Roof promises to significantly reduce your bills- so much so that it’s known as ‘the roof that pays for itself!’

roof insulation Wakefield

After undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of your existing roof and its present energy-saving capacity, our knowledgeable and skilled team will install a high-density layer of loft insulation. The insulation compromises of tiny air pockets that trap heat, keeping it in your home meaning you spend less money heating it!

Following the insulation fitting, our qualified team will install our innovative Eco-Roof thermal blanket for lasting energy efficiency. The result? Your home is cool in Summer and welcomingly warm in Winter making it a pleasure to be in all year round.

Ploughcroft’s Eco-Roof can enhance the value of your property by up to 14%, save you up to a staggering £500 on your heating bills each year and increase your Energy Efficiency Certificate by an impressive two grades. In addition, you gain an extra handy usable living space. You’d be missing out if you didn’t treat your home and family to an Eco-Roof!

Eco Loft Storage

Are the storage units in your bedroom or downstairs rooms brimming with bits and bobs, old items and cherished souvenirs, ready to burst? If this situation sounds familiar, Ploughcroft’s Eco Loft Storage and Insulations Services will be of huge help to you and your family, while saving your household energy!

If you faced a knock-back when trying to apply for a full loft conversion due to your own loft not being high enough to satisfy building regulations, our Eco-Loft Storage and Insulation offers a cheaper but practical solution.

roof insulation Wakefield

Providing a safe, light and insulated area for storing items belonging to you, your partner and/or your children, our Eco Loft Storage is easily accessible via a neat fold-away staircase, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice any space on the floor immediately below the loft.

We value our customers being able to enjoy a freedom of choice and a range of options. This is why we are delighted that our Eco Loft Storage can come with lights and sockets and even Skylights or roof windows if you wish, contributing to the overall improvement of the comfort of your home.

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