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Roof Insulation in Leeds

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One of the most important criteria often cited for a cosy home is warmth.

If your house was built a few decades ago and still has an original uninsulated roof, up to 50% of your heat could be escaping through the top of your property.

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With Leeds often falling prey to the chilly temperatures associated with being a northern English city, temperatures can drop to an average low of 3 degrees centigrade throughout December and January, meaning insulating your roof is paramount, not least because it can save you money and energy.

Armed with our extensive roofing experience and specialised skills, Ploughcroft is glad to make the properties of Leeds and the surrounding areas fully insulated and energy efficient with our effective floor and roof insulation services.

Being qualified and well-seasoned roofing experts, we are always happy to provide you with advice on your eligibility for certain energy saving, home insulation funding and grants that are available. These include the Government-backed Energy Company Obligation scheme (which runs until March 2017) and local initiatives, such as the Leeds City Council Wrap Up Leads+ scheme in 2013 (due to be relaunched).


Did you know that up to 50% of heat escapes thanks to poorly insulated attics? Did you know this heat loss could be prevented with Ploughcroft’s high-tech insulated roofing system: Eco-Roof?

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Combining our leading re-roofing service with our top roof insulation service, Eco-Roof does as its name suggests: makes your home easier to heat by ensuring it is more energy efficient, whilst saving you up to £500 a year in heating bills.

Ensuring your living space is enjoyable and cosy to be in as well as being practical and usable, Ploughcroft’s uniquely designed Eco-Roof can propel the value of your property upwards by 14% whilst boosting your Energy Performance Certificate by two bands!

For an attic room that stays warm in Winter and cool in Summer, ideal for older homes, our Eco-Roof locks in heat and is a worthy investment, paying for itself within a few short years.

Eco Loft Storage

Sometimes our homes would be perfect…if only they had that bit more storage place. So, it’s no wonder that there is a domestic trend of people wanting to move up rather than outwards.

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Ploughcroft is glad to provide light, airy and most importantly fully insulated Eco Loft Storage, ideal solutions for homes whose attics don’t meet the building regulations required for a full loft conversion.

A more cost-effective solution than a fully-fledged loft conversion, our Eco Loft Storage can be customised to your tastes, with an inconspicuous fold up staircase for access saving you from sacrificing valuable space.

To continue to add personal style and elegance to your Eco Loft Storage, we can fit lights and sockets if necessary and even install Skylights or roof windows if you wish!

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