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Roof Insulation in Keighley

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As knowledgeable and experienced experts, our trustworthy team can assist you in the paperwork of applying for such funding, advising you on what you’re eligible for.

Don’t you just love that cosy feeling of coming back to a pleasant toastie and comfortable environment when you come home? With Ploughcroft’s unique and original Eco-Roof that can reduce the draughts in your property and your home’s carbon footprint, this warm home setting can be your reality.

loft insulation Keighley

Like any Northern England town, West Yorkshire’s Keighley regularly experiences average low temperatures of between 2-4 degrees centigrade- pretty chilly if you ask us! Older houses which still have their original uninsulated roof are especially common culprits for allowing heat to escape. As yourself: How old is my roof? Could it do with an insulation upgrade? As heat rises, insulating your roof is a no-brainer!

As reputable roofing specialists, we offer an all-encompassing domestic and commercial insulation service including floors and roof insulation in Keighley and the surrounding Yorkshire areas.

It’s one of the Government’s long-term goals to cut household energy consumption. Therefore, various grants are available to help households be more financially able to embrace energy efficient measures, such as roof and loft insulation, so you can make energy-saving your family’s aim too! These grants include the Government-backed Energy Company Obligation scheme (running until 31st March 2017), plus support schemes local to Keighley.


An innovative blend of our reliable re-roofing and top insulating service, our Eco-Roof consists of quickly and easily installing high standard loft insulation to your home then adding Ploughcroft’s state-of-the-art Eco-Roof thermal blanket.

roof insulation Keighley

Keeping your loft wonderfully warm in the Winter and refreshingly cool in the Summer, our Eco-Roof promises to transform your home, increasing your home’s value by up to an impressive 14% and propelling your Energy Performance Certificate up by two grades!

Preventing heat from escaping though your roof means our contemporary Eco-Roof makes it cheaper to heat your home, saving you up to £500 a year on heating bills- that’s equivalent to a family holiday!

It’s important that you employ accredited and qualified roofers like our Ploughcroft team to guarantee that the right type of insulation is used and the right amount is fitted. Over insulation could prevent walls from being able to breathe resulting in moisture build-up and rotting support beams in your attic.

Insulation is also made up of fibrous particles that can irritate the skin and nose and lead to breathing problems. Therefore, it’s paramount to employ professionals who know what protective clothing to wear and how to operate the specialist equipment needed for activities like blowing in insulation.

For a useable loft space that pays for itself, invest in Ploughcroft’s trusted team, who can carry out an initial roof inspection and energy-saving analysis on your current loft and then install an Eco-Roof efficiently with minimal disruption to you.

Eco Loft Storage

Do you have lots of cupboards and draws overflowing with knick-knacks and a hallway lined with belongings? It sounds like your family could benefit from Ploughcroft’s Eco Loft Storage and Insulations Services!

loft insulation Keighley

Perfect for loft spaces that aren’t high enough to be legally converted into a fully-fledged loft according to building regulations, our Eco Loft Storage provides you with an airy, open and light space to keep your treasured processions. What’s more, the area boasts high-quality insulation properties to conserve the valuable heat of your home.

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