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Roof Insulation in Harrogate

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Known for its picturesque spa town charm, Harrogate is also a hearty Northern town and, as such often sees its temperature plummet.

Indeed, the North Yorkshire town can see average low temperatures between 4 and 0 degrees centigrade between October and April. You don’t need us to tell you that these conditions don’t make for comfortable living and working conditions!

Ploughcroft is proud to help you enjoy optimum insulation for your home or business building, combining our extensive roofing insight and acumen to provide reliable, eco-friendly roof, loft and floor insulation.

Our highly effective insulation services mean you can make more use of your living space, whilst saving money and being more environmentally friendly.

As part of our services, we can also provide you with expert advice on whether you meet the criteria for the Government-backed Energy Company Obligation scheme (running until 31st March 2017) that offers financial aid to insulate your home to make properties more energy efficient and local Harrogate funding for your loft insulation.


We all know that heat rises but unfortunately, Ploughcroft research found that up to 50% Roof Insulation Harrogate, Harrogate, loft, attic, roof insulation, Ploughcroft of heat is lost through uninsulated roofs and lofts. Uninsulated homes are inexpensive and mean high heating bills for your household, which nobody wants.

For the thousands of older homes that have an outdated uninsulated attic or room-in-roof (accessible via a permanent staircase) Ploughcroft’s designed and developed high-tech Eco-Roof system could be the perfect answer.

Integrating our re-roofing service with our insulation work, the Eco-Roof solution comes with a whole host of benefits, including annually saving you up to £500 in heating bills and paying for itself over time, whilst boosting your property value by 14% and enhancing your Energy Performance Certificate by two grades.

Think of what you could do with all the money you can save from Ploughcroft installing an Eco-Roof that stays warm in Winter and cool in Summer as part of a smooth and seamless process that causes minimal disruption for you and your family!

Eco Loft Storage

We’re all guilty of accumulating too many belongings, especially if we have a large family. Whether it’s old toys your children have grown out of that you want to save for grandkids, equipment for hobbies you’ve lost interest in and might return to, extra storage is always a valuable bonus for any home.

With the trend being more people wanting to move up rather than out, Ploughcroft’s insulated Eco Loft Storage solution is the ideal alternative to those lofts whose head heights fail to meet the building regulations needed for a full loft conversion.

We know that each Harrogate roof insulation project is bespoke and each home is personal to its owners/residents. That’s why our Eco Loft Insulation can be tailored to your tastes and needs, with the ability to install a light and sockets if required. We can even install Skylights or roof windows if you like!

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