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Re-roofing solar panelled roofs l Fully qualified roofing contractors

Re-roofing solar panelled roofs l Fully qualified roofing contractors
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Re-roofing Solar Panelled Roofs

Re-roofing solar panelled roofs should be carried out by an expert. If your property has solar PV or solar thermal already installed and you need to carry our roof repairs or a total re-roof our experienced roofing teams can remove your panels, carry out the the work and reinstate your panels no problem!

In the solar ‘boom’ between 2009 and 2012, the rush to get solar PV installed resulted in a shortage of qualified and experienced labour. As a result, solar panels were installed by inexperienced tradesmen who failed to follow best practice. Many installed the systems incorrectly, puncturing the roofing felt in the process.  Others installed solar panels on roofs which were either defective or already in need of re-roofing, leaving a multitude of hidden and costly problems for the future.

‘A big thank you to you and the team. We had a case ongoing with the Ombudsman re the solar panels and roof damage. With your help the photo’s, spike evidence and your letter confirming damage had been done we have now got a settlement. They have repaid all the cost of repairs. Without your help it could not have been achieved. Many thanks again to all involved.’ Mr & Mrs Strangward

What should you do if your roof is leaking under your solar panels?

Re-roofing solar panelled roofs

Solar panels removed, property re-roofed, solar panels re-instated

In the first instance you should contact an expert, such as Ploughcroft, to give you an honest opinion as to what is actually causing the problem. If it is the result of bad workmanship, contact your original installer. If they are no longer trading, you should be able to make a claim on your workmanship warranty. Reputable solar installers would have provided an insurance backed workmanship warranty for such eventualities.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of not having an insurance backed warranty or your property is in need of a re-roof then it is imperative that you contract the right company to remedy the problem.

It’s clear that the majority of roofs in the UK that had solar panels fitted during the ‘solar boom’ will soon be in need of basic routine maintenance, major repairs or even re-roofs within the next few years.

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Re-roofing a Solar Panelled Roofs

Should you need a new roof or re-roof on a property with solar panels installed, Ploughcroft will ensure that your roof is fully guaranteed through ‘Competent Roofer’ and your solar system re-installed in accordance with best practice.

Having installed over 10,000 solar panels, our staff are highly experienced and fully trained in this type of work.

Velux Replacement on Solar Panelled Roofs

If your VELUX windows need replacing and you are concerned about the proximity to your solar system, our teams have experience of removing individual panels in order to facilitate the work. We will ensure your system is in full working order on completion.

Benefits of choosing Ploughcroft for Re-roofing Solar Panelled Roofs

Re-roofing solar panelled roofs

Re-roofing solar panelled roofs
  • All our re-roofs guaranteed through Competent Roofer Scheme;
  • Solar panels are re-instated by qualified staff, in accordance with best practice;
  • 15 years’ experience in solar installations;
  • Over 10,000 panels installed by our teams nationwide.