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Don't leave it too late to repair — Storm Damage

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Don’t leave it too late to repair — Storm Damage

Who would have thought that with the wet and wild weather we have had recently that we would come out the other side with such beautiful sunshine?

At Ploughcroft we have had many calls in the past few weeks about storm damage to roofs, porches, barns, walls and every other exposed parts of buildings. The 70mph winds were brutal against old and unmaintained properties.

We were called out to a barn that lay exposed on the Yorkshire hillside that was battered by the winds and the rain. A huge whole was ripped in the roof when the corrugated iron was torn off.

We responded by repairing the roof as quickly as possible to stop any more rain getting in – only to find that we were entering the first heatwave of the year! It made for great working conditions.

Speaking of things falling apart, we also got a call the other day from a customer who needed her porch repairing because it was looking a bit sad. But it was not leaking she insisted. That’s no problem for Ploughcroft so we went over to find that her porch was more dilapidated than we could have imagined.

We advised demolishing the porch and investing in a new one as the old one was becoming a hazard. Another heavy rainfall may have seen it collapse blocking the doorway.

From previous experience at Ploughcroft we know that the longer a roof or porch is left unmaintained or unrepaired, the more damage it can do when it eventually caves in. We advice regular roof maintenance – gutter clearing, moss cleaning, inspection for loose tiles, and repairing leaks before they expand.

If your roof has been damaged by the recent bad weather, you can contact us for a quick response.

We also specialise in roof maintenance for both domestic and commercial properties, so to increase the service-life of your roof, call us on:

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