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SmartMove sleep under the stars for the homeless

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SmartMove sleep under the stars for the homeless

Halifax homeless charity, SmartMove launched a unique fundraising event on Friday 13th November, where 70 people slept under the stars at the Shay Stadium to raise money for charity.

We sponsored the ‘Under One Roof’ fundraiser, where each participant was asked to raise £100 sponsorship to spend the night in the famous stands, with organisers totalling more than £6,500 through online donations, with more to follow.

Craig Gabbitas, office manager at Ploughcroft, who took part in the event, said: “The night at the Shay made me realise just how lucky we are – I can only imagine what homeless people must go through day after day. Even though I was wrapped up in lots of layers, I was still shivering at 4am. The support that SmartMove provide is invaluable, as anyone can find themselves in this position, no matter what their lifestyle, personality or background. Sometimes it’s the little things, like a cup of tea, that make the biggest difference. I hope the event can help the charity keep up the good work.”

With torrential rain on the night, and temperatures dropping to a chilly minus 2, the event has provided valuable funds to support SmartMove’s important work, helping the homeless and vulnerably housed people in Calderdale find accommodation.

Craig George, fundraising and relationship manager at SmartMove, said: “The event was a huge success, and gave people a real insight into what it must be like to be homeless. Even though people were geared up to stay warm and dry, the weather being as it was made it a pretty uncomfortable night. Not many people slept, but were kept going by the fact they knew they could go home in the morning.

“I have already spoken to the Shay Stadium about running ‘Under one Roof’ again in 2016 – it’s my plan to make the event annual. Next year I’m hoping to make it even more successful, and get higher numbers of people to take part.”

Calderdale SmartMove is a registered charity that assists homeless and vulnerably housed people to find accommodation in Calderdale. We were established in July 1998 and have a Management Committee made up of volunteer members and staff who oversee and plan SmartMove activities. On top of this SmartMove provide free practical training courses for clients such as Health and Wellbeing, maths and English, Positive Parenting, IT Skills and Job Clubs. Please visit www.calderdalesmartmove.org.uk for more info.

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