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Ploughcroft Northern Lights Show Halifax

Ploughcroft Northern Lights Show Halifax

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On Friday 1st May 2015, Ploughcroft Eco-Roof will be bringing a very special event to West Yorkshire for all to enjoy. The Ploughcroft Northern Lights of Beacon Hill, Halifax.

In a lighting spectacle never before seen in the skies of Yorkshire, for one night only we will be transporting the famous “Northern Lights” of Iceland to Beacon Hill, Halifax!

The unique event, which will begin at 9pm, is to celebrate the Halifax and Brighouse based eco specialist saving the region a staggering £1m in energy bills, as a result of its energy efficient home improvements.

Working closely with renowned local lighting expert James Bawn, who has previously been responsible for projects such as Yorkshire’s Festival of Light,

Ploughcroft will illuminate the sky green with a powerful beam of light, and bring a touch of Iceland to the local area. The spectacle will be visible for miles around, and will help raise awareness into the importance of energy saving home improvements.

Ploughcroft’s “Eco Roof” allows home owners to insulate 100-year-old Yorkshire stone properties with impressive energy savings. Since launching Eco-Roof in 2014, the company has helped home owners across the region save hundreds each year on their energy bills, and, as of this month, the running total of cost savings has reached an incredible £1m.

Chris Hopkins, Managing Director at Ploughcroft Eco Roof, said: “We are extremely proud that we have been able to help home owners across West Yorkshire make such dramatic energy savings, and we wanted to mark the occasion with a truly impressive spectacle.
We are hoping that this exciting event will send out a positive ‘green’ message to the local community.”

All are welcome to attend the lighting spectacular and we encourage anyone who wishes to celebrate energy saving across Yorkshire to come along and join us.
To find out more search our hashtags #Ploughcroftnorthernlights & #IB4G on Twitter, don’t forget to tweet us your photos!

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