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Ploughcroft alliance with Artisan Fireplaces

Ploughcroft alliance with Artisan Fireplaces

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Ploughcroft form alliance with Artisan Fireplaces

Energy-efficiency specialist, Ploughcroft Eco-Roof, is announcing a strategic alliance with fellow Brighouse-based business, Artisan Fireplaces, in a deal that will see it selling its unique range of home insulation services from the award-winning fireplace specialist’s showroom.

Artisan Fireplaces, based on Phoenix Street in Brighouse, was founded in 1986, and offers Europe’s largest display of fires, fireplaces and stoves, all under one roof, with more than 550 displays.

Now Ploughcroft will feature as a concession in the showroom, giving it the opportunity to
educate Artisan’s customers about the importance of energy-efficient home improvements, and demonstrate its products and services via roof and wall displays, as well as answer customers’ questions. Meanwhile, Ploughcroft will also refer its own customer base to Artisan for their heating needs.

Ploughcroft’s range of products includes its unique Eco-Roof, which both offer unbeatable ROI, saving up to £500 a year on heating costs, and increases a property’s value by up to 14%.

Chris Hopkins, Managing Director at Ploughcroft, said: “This alliance makes a lot of sense; Artisan heats people’s homes, while Ploughcroft insulates them; helping reduce the amount of heat escaping through the roof and the walls. Two businesses also have a great synergy; both of us are award-winning specialists, recognised as being market leaders, while many of Artisan’s products are also geared towards energy efficiency. For homeowners this means the opportunity to have a warm home, and save some serious money. This is an exciting move for us, and allows Ploughcroft to broaden our reach, and expand our market share.”

Gary Heginbottom at Artisan Fireplaces, said: “We are always looking at ways in which we can bring our customers better value, and this alliance with Ploughcroft – which has forged a great reputation for itself in the region – allows us to do this. It is also a great opportunity for us to broaden our own market share through Ploughcroft’s extensive network.”

Ploughcroft has recently been recognised as one of the most reputable traders in the area, and is endorsed on the Which? Trusted Traders website. Ploughcroft’s new Which? Trusted Trader status means that for anyone
looking for impartial advice on roofing companies in Yorkshire via the Which? website, will now come across a recommendation for Ploughcroft.

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