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Need A Historic Buildings Restoration Grant? I Ploughcroft

Need A Historic Buildings Restoration Grant? I Ploughcroft

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Historic Buildings Restoration Grant Applications Open

Any proud English resident will know that the country’s lush green English National Parks are home to an abundance of iconic and historic farm buildings. Unfortunately, as the decades have passed, these traditional buildings have begun to decay and decline.

Since Heritage Roofing is our theme for this month and as experienced and specialist heritage roofers, we’re happy to share the news that the government has recognised the issue and is offering a Historic Buildings and Restoration Grant to prevent historic farm buildings from falling out of use.

We always say it’s not just treasured Grade 1 and Grade II listed buildings like churches and castles that are “Heritage Buildings”. The term can be applied to any building of historic or cultural significance, even traditional pubs, cinemas, town halls, schools and farm buildings!

The Historic Buildings Restoration Grant recognises the value of old farm buildings and the fact that, like all heritage buildings, these historic properties require specialist skills, equipment, techniques and knowledge to ensure any new work done to restore the heritage building to its former glory is in line with the look and style of the property’s original form.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Historic Buildings Restoration Grant:

  • The Grant scheme is in its pilot phase and restricted to five National Parks these are:
    • Dartmoor,
    • the Lake District,
    • Northumberland,
    • Peak District and the
    • Yorkshire Dales.
  • £2 million worth of funding is available, with the grant providing 80% towards restoration fees.
  • Under the Historic Buildings Restoration Grant’s remit “Restoration” can include ensuring the external elements of the farm building are weather-proof and replacing the roof. “Restoration” also covers any restoration activities that enable the building to function again as a working farm building.
  • Owners of buildings located in the five National Parks listed above built before 1940 are eligible for the Grant. See page 8 of the Grant Manual linked to below for more eligibility criteria.
  • Applications for the Grant will be accepted until 31st January 2019.
  • Agreement holders will have two years to complete the restoration works once they receive approval for the Grant.
  • Farmers and land managers can access support from National Park advisors, working alongside them to create a management plan to ensure the restoration works are carried out correctly and to schedule. If required, collaboration with conservation consultants is also possible. This support is available due to the Grant being supported by an implementation plan.

For more information about the Grant, download the Countryside Stewardship: Historic Buildings Restoration Grant Manual.

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