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'Grow a Sunflower Competition' Winners Announced

'Grow a Sunflower Competition' Winners Announced

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Grow a Sunflower Competition Winners Announced!

You may remember back in March, we launched our first-ever eco competition, challenging people from all over Yorkshire to a ‘Grow a Sunflower Competition’ from a pack of seeds we provided. The rules were simple; the tallest sunflower wins.

We have been absolutely blown away by all the fantastic entries, with some of the sunflowers so tall they could easily rival Jack and the Beanstalk! Well, after much hard work and effort from you lot, we’re very pleased to announce the results of the sunflower competition.

Drum roll please…

Sunflower Competition: Individual category

Though the competition was very close, our individual winner is William from Halifax, whose sunflower measured a staggering 310cm. Wow! William’s sunflower was the tallest of them all and he puts his success down to growing it alongside the runner beans in his garden. Congratulations once again to William, who receives three-month’s supply of chocolate for his efforts – just don’t eat it all at once!

ploughcroft sunflower competition

William and his gigantic sunflower!


Sunflower Competition: School’s category

Now for our school winner. Though we had 20 fantastic entries from schools all across Yorkshire, there could be only one winner. The sunflower that towered over all the rest was grown by Eloise Denney from Longroyd Junior School in Brighouse, measuring an impressive 295cm. Congratulations to Eloise, who wins £20 of book vouchers for herself and £250 of book vouchers for her school.

ploughcroft sunflower competition

Eloise Denney and her winning sunflower!


Thanks again to everyone who put in the effort to take part, and watch this space for our next exciting competition.

Take a look back at some of the entries and photographs we were sent in throughout the course of the sunflower competition.

ploughcrofts sunflower competition

William’s sunflower patch

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