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School to Save Thousands through Green Insulation Project

School to Save Thousands through Green Insulation Project

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Darfield School set to save thousands thanks to green insulation project

All Saints Academy, a primary school based in Darfield, South Yorkshire, is set for big changes thanks to our recent green insulation  project which involved replacing the school’s 100 year old roof.

The school is a member of the St. Mary’s Academy Trust, comprising of four schools including St Mary’s Primary School, Queens Road Academy and West Meadows Primary, and has rooted history in Darfield with strong links to the village church. The school has evolved from the original church school which dates right back to 1899.

The green insulation project will save the school thousands of pounds in unwanted heating costs as the entire roof is being changed from its 100 year old Welsh blue slate to a much more modern alternative with a far lower carbon footprint.

Thanks to our expertise in ‘green construction’, the work we have carried out will greatly benefit the school, particularly in the coming winter months as the weather starts to get colder. The new roof will in fact be 12 times more energy efficient than the previous roof, helping All Saints Academy to make huge beneficial savings in the long term.

Here at Ploughcroft we’re delighted to be working with All Saints Academy to help improve the energy efficiency of their building. The school has a lot of great history in the village and although it is a fantastic school which is very well built, the current roof was costing them a lot of money in terms of energy bills and repairs as it was so outdated. We expect this project to be complete by the end of October and are sure it will be a great asset to the school.

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We have now complete this fantastic project. You can read all about the work that was carried out, and see the wonderful during and after photos, here on our case study page. We’re sure you will agree, the All Saints Academy is looking great after now they have a new Commerical ECORoof!

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