Ceramic Industry Health & Safety Pledge Awards 2013

We are proud to announce that Ours Sanitaryware have nominated Ploughcroft for the Ceramic Industry Health & Safety Pledge Award. This award will go to contractors who have made a determined effort to comply with the requirements of the industry and shown that they possess a real commitment to the cause. Award winners will be announced at the 2013 Ceramic Industry Pledge Conference in October 2013.

Quote from David Crain, Maintenance Manager:
‘Throughout the exercise Ploughcroft were proactive in managing all aspects of health and safety and provided excellent daily progress reports by area.

The Ploughcroft team at all levels demonstrated a good practical knowledge of health and safety and worked in accordance with their submitted method statements. For the duration of these works no non-conformances were observed or reported which again endorses the commitment to work in a professional manner at all levels within the Company.’

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