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10 ways to save energy in the home

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10 ways to save energy in the home

With the January freeze taking its toll, it doesn’t mean your energy bills have to rise. We’ve come up with our top 10 ways to save energy in the home, that are FREE and will help to reduce your overall energy bill.

1. Never leave your lights on. This is an easy way to save energy, and more importantly save money in the long run.

2. Don’t over-charge your mobile phone, and always remember to unplug your charger. This is an easy mistake that a lot of people make – it lowers the battery performance and wastes unnecessary energy. If left plugged in, the charger will draw power even when the device isn’t plugged in, causing your energy bills to rise.

3. Don’t fill your kettle to the top every time. Estimate the amount of water you’ll be using, and only boil this amount for your next brew.

4.Turn down the thermostat by just 1°C. Did you know this can reduce your energy consumption by over 5%? You won’t feel the temperature difference, try it and see how much you can save.

5. Heat your home with cooking. Next time you’re feeling the winter chill, instead of opting for the heating switch, just leave your oven door open after you’ve cooked up a treat. You’ll find that the heat will begin to warm your kitchen, and is much more energy efficient that removing the heat with an extractor fan.

6. Wash at 30-40 °C. 90% of a washing machine’s energy is spent on heating water, so by washing at a lower temperature you will save a lot more energy and money.

7. Never leave appliances on standby. Did you know you can waste up to £80 a year just by leaving your favourite appliances on standby? When you’ve finished using them, turn them off and you’ll be surprised at the amount of energy you can save.

8. Extra clothing. With the January chill in full effect, simply put on a jumper, or extra pair of socks, and it will reduce the temptation to turn the heating up.

9. Keep your fridge and freezer full. Empty spaces in your fridge/freezer not only wastes space, but lots of energy too. By keeping it full, it won’t have to work as hard and use as much energy.

10. Roof insulation. 50% of heat is lost through poorly insulated attics, especially in older houses. By keeping the energy in, you’ll keep you heating bills down. Find out more about Ploughcroft’s Eco-Roof™.

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