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10 Ways To Keep Your House Warm Over Winter

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10 Ways To Keep Your House Warm Over Winter

To take the saying from a popular TV show – ‘Winter is Coming’. We’re sorry to be the ones to bring this up first, but in just a couple of weeks the clocks will roll back, it will be dark by 5pm and you’ll be scraping ice of your car windscreen.

This combined with the concern of rising energy costs, we’ve come up with our top 10 ways to keep your house warm over winter. We all being advised to install double glazing, extra thick insulation and purchase new efficient heating systems, but in addition to those there are also some fantastic cheap and quick tactics to keep your house warm this winter.

Check your roof tiles. We’re experts in roofing, and often see roof tiles missing. It may seem a small problem, but missing roof tiles can lead to a world of larger problems if left. Tiles are there to keep water out, so if one is missing, water is getting in. And as soon as that happens your loft insulation loses a large percentage of its efficiency. Keep an eye on your roof, especially after large winter storms.

Stop losing heat (and money) up the chimney. Chimneys are the culprits for a large percentage of heat loss in a home, especially as many are now just there for decorative purposes. Fortunately there are some great ways to prevent this. Chimney balloons are very cheap and help block warm air leaving and cold air entering. Just make sure you remove it before lighting a fire!

Use tin foil. Tin foil is great for bake potatoes but it’s even better at preventing heat loss from behind radiators, particularly on those attached to external walls. Place a sheet or two, of tin behind the radiator to reflect the heat back into the room and prevent heat disappearing through the wall.

Use the sunlight and heat. Nothing in life is free, apart from sunlight. Even during winter months having the sun reflect off your windows can make a huge difference to the warmth in your house. The more you utilise the sun, the less you’ll need to use your expensive heating. Make sure curtains are open during the day, and closed at night.

Hang thick curtains. Talking of curtains, make sure they are of a good thickness. You’ll appreciate those cosy nights in front of the TV if you’ve got good quality curtains keeping the heat in and the cold out.

DIY lost insulation. Insulation can be quiet expensive. Although it pays for itself in the long run through savings, there are ways to do it on the cheap. DIY retail shops such as B&Q sell rolls of loft insulation. With a spare weekend you could have the new insulation fitted and saving you money.

Create DIY draught excluders. There’s nothing worse than having cold air leaking into your home. We personally opt for the sausage dog to fix this problem. These great looking draught excluders are fantastic at keeping the cold air out, and look great!

Make space in front of your radiators. So you’ve blocked the chimney, excluded the draughts, used tin foil behind the radiators, and you’re all set for winter… But not quite, if you’ve got furniture in front of the radiator, you’re blocking much of the heat entering your room. Make sure the radiators are clear from sofas, chairs and bookshelves.

Close any unused rooms. If you’ve got a spare room, an unused office or a room for storage there’s little need for the room to be heated. Make sure the radiator is turned off in that room. Then make sure it’s draught proof – a handy DIY draught excluder would also come in handy here.

Use central heating timer wisely. That little white box on the wall that are hard to change the time on when the clocks go back – it’s not just a thermostat but a money saving stroke of genius. Make sure you’ve programmed it to work for yours’ and your families’ lifestyle. If you wake up at 7am, and return from work at 6pm, have it turn on just before you wake up, and just before you return home. Don’t forget to have it turn off as you leave for work, and go to bed!

So there you have it, our top 10 ways to keep your house warm over winter.

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