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Prepare for Green Deal | West Yorkshire

Prepare for Green Deal | West Yorkshire

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Ploughcroft Urges Customers to Prepare for Next Tranche of Green Deal Funding

With under four weeks to go until the next instalment of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund becomes available, Ploughcroft is warning homeowners to be on the front foot and make sure they arrange their Green Deal home assessment in advance if they are to benefit from the next round of cash.

The warning comes after news that the latest £24m in funding, which was launched on 10th December, sold out in a record time of just 30 hours.

The scheme, which is proving increasingly popular, offers up to 67% cash back on the cost of installing Solid Wall Insulation – the equivalent of £4,000, with the next tranche of funding expected in February 2015.

However, when it comes to applying for the government funding, each applicant must have previously received a full Green Deal property assessment, carried out by a Green Deal assessor or provider, within the last two years. Failing to do this will mean homeowners cannot apply for the funding.

Chris Hopkins, Managing Director of Ploughcroft, said: “The popularity of the scheme is extremely encouraging, and indicates that UK homeowners are becoming increasingly educated towards the benefits of energy efficient home improvements. However, this increased popularity means that homeowners need to move fast if they want to secure the funding.

“With less than 8 weeks to go until the next tranche of funding – which is likely to get used up even quicker – we would urge homeowners to arrange a Green Deal assessment prior to February, ready for the next application period.

The Green Deal assessment aims to identify whether a property could benefit from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and upon completion, will produce a Green Deal advice report which will include an Energy Performing Certificate (EPC) outlining the energy efficiency rating of a home, recommended improvements, and an estimate of the money that could be saved on energy bills.

So if you are looking to take advantage of the funding available and haven’t yet arranged a Green Deal home assessment, make sure you move fast. The countdown is on, so to avoid being left out in the cold come February, give us a call today and one of our green deal assessors will be on hand to help: 01484 72 33 44

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