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Ploughcroft Become Green Deal Assessors in West Yorkshire

Ploughcroft Become Green Deal Assessors in West Yorkshire

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Ploughcroft MD Becomes One of Only a Few Green Deal Assessors in West Yorkshire

Chris Hopkins, managing director of Yorkshire based Ploughcroft and a successful entrepreneur, has been awarded accreditation as one of only a a few Green Deal assessors in West Yorkshire.

The Green Deal, which launched today (January 28), is the Government’s flagship scheme to enable home owners to have energy efficient home improvement measures, such as insulation and new heating systems, installed with no upfront costs.

Chris, who has completed an intensive City and Guilds course to enable him to become a Green Deal assessor, said: “I believe the Green Deal is a massive opportunity for the British public to upgrade their homes and benefit from cheaper fuel bills. In Britain we have some of the least efficient buildings in the world, meaning home owners here often pay a high price for inefficient housing which is draughty, poorly insulated and leaks heat.”

From today households in England and Wales who use the Green Deal to make energy saving home improvements will also qualify for hundreds of pounds of cash back from the Green Deal Cashback Scheme. The more work households decide to have done, the more cash they could receive and packages could be worth over £1,000.

The Green Deal aims to help bring buildings up to date by helping to fund energy efficiency improvements to homes, community spaces and businesses without having to front up the cash! Instead repayments are made through the savings made on energy bills and can be paid back over 20-25 years.

There are 45 different types of improvements currently available under the Green Deal, helping people warm up their homes and pay for some or all of the improvements over time through their electricity bill.

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