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Flat Roof Construction and Repair in York

With its Gothic Cathedral and historic city walls, York is not only a city steeped in character but a vibrant modern place in which to live and work. That being said, York is a city situated in the North of England, meaning, naturally, it is subjected to its fair share of rain.

Flat Roof York

To provide you with the reliable roof over your head that you deserve, you need to invest in durable, safe, clean and warm solutions. Solutions that work. Solutions like the effective, pure, flat, waterproof roofing systems that Ploughcroft install for properties in the York area and beyond.

Able to work alongside our Roofline Systems, our innovative Warm Flat Roofs boast a lower U-Value, keeping the heat inside your property during those chilly Winter months. The result? Your family enjoy a comfortable and cosy living environment, whilst your bank balance enjoys the lower energy bills!

With an extensive range of energy efficient solutions to suit all roof types, spaces and budgets, our Flat Roofs have a guarantee of up to 30-years.

Liquid Roofing

To satisfy all your Liquid Roofing needs we employ Sika Roof Waterproof Membranes, which is well-suited to large Flat or Pitched Roofs coverage. Extremely watertight and flexible, they can be seamlessly fitted to any surface without needing to remove the current roof cover.

Only minimal maintenance is necessary. The installation process is made safe by the Sika Membrane being applied cool so fire risk is non-existent, for your peace of mind. Skilled and experienced roofing craftsmen, our Ploughcroft team are a wise choice when looking for installers to fit your Flat Roof with minimal disruption.

Small Flat Roofs

Could your extension, shed or garage do with an attractive and water resistant replacement? As proficient and highly trained roofers, our staff are well versed in installing the popular industry leading Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System– the perfect answer to your small Flat Roof needs.

Why is there a recent trend towards using Firestone EPDM when enhancing Flat Roofs? The trend exists well beyond the confines of York, with a whole host of benefits including not supporting moss growth, being impenetrable to water ingress, whilst allowing vapours to escape. This significantly reduces damp, which is bad for residents health and looks unsightly, inside your home.

The cutting-edge roofing system is one smooth piece that doesn’t shrink, crack or bubble making for a very pleasing finish.

Warm Roofs

There’s always room for an upgrade and we are pleased to say Ploughcroft Flat Roofs can be transformed into intelligently insulated Warm Roofs. By securing robust insulation boards over your existing roof structure the roof’s internal timbers are kept warm, insulated and dry for your cosiness and comfort. This emulates the feeling of sleeping under your duvet rather than on top of it!

With up to 20-year life expectancy so you don’t have to worry, our well-seasoned and approved tradesmen only use the latest technology in our insulated Warm Roof systems, which usually achieve an impressive U-value of 0.18W/M2k, keeping your energy consumption and costs low and your savings high.

With a keen eye for detail, Ploughcroft understands that each project- and each client- is unique, with different tastes and requirements. With Flat Roofs being non-slip and able to safely withstand large volumes of traffic, they can be personally customised to your individual preferences and may be specified for balcony surfaces and walkways.

Our Approach

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Ploughcroft ensures that our projects are efficient, successful and carried out in a fully professional manner. No stress. No hassle. No worries.

We do this by actively observing the following procedure:

If your current Flat Roof has aged and has become susceptible to nasty leaks, it’s the right time for a replacement. Our team carry out a fully comprehensive review of your property prior to any project being undertaken. They answer any queries or concerns you may have, keep disruption to a minimum and follow Health and Safety and Building Regulations as they work, whilst providing any High-Level Access equipment where necessary.

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“Ploughcrofts flat roofs come with a 30 year guarantee.”

flat roofing york

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