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Flat Roof Construction and Repair in Wetherby

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Smooth and seamless, our Flat Roofs are leak-free, durable and sturdy, boasting a trustworthy 20-year guarantee and three-decade life expectancy.

Most people who live and work in the quaint market town of Wetherby would agree it’s a pleasure to be in. With Ploughcroft’s innovative commercial and residential Flat Roof and Warm Roof solutions, your own Wetherby property can be a pleasure to be in too.

Flat Roof Wetherby

Located in Yorkshire, Wetherby isn’t exactly renowned for its dry weather so there’s even more reason to invest in our smart and sound Flat Roofs or Warm Roofs, which often outlast and outperform other roofs of their kind.

The safe, clean and cost-effective answer to all your flat roofing needs, no matter if you require minor repairs or a major roof replacement, our Flat Roof installation can be carried out alongside our Roofline System being fitted.

Through a simple upgrade, your Flat Roof could be transformed into a more insulated and aptly named Warm Roof that can help you lower your energy bills and increase your savings. All our Flat Roofs are applied by our seasoned and skilled roofing craftsmen to the highest standard, our service being responsive, transparent and reliable.

Liquid Roofing

Tailored to the larger Flat Roofs, Sika Roof Waterproof Membranes are what we use to cover Flat and Pitched roofs. They can be easily slotted onto any surface without needing to remove your current roof cover, yet they are watertight, flexible and carry no fire risk. There is also very little maintenance involved with this roofing option.

Small Flat Roofs

For Flat Roofs that are on the smaller end of the scale, garages, sheds, extensions, car ports and garden buildings, for example, Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System is popular and ideal.

The lack of shrinking, cracking or bubbling of the smooth surface of this type of Flat Roof makes it an appealing choice. Not supporting moss growth and being extremely resistant to water ingress while releasing water vapour to avoid the build-up of harmful internal damp also serve as a further explanation as to why there is a trend towards Firestone Rubber Cover EPDM.

Flexible, durability, environmentally friendly and fire resistance are other attractive qualities of our chosen Small Flat Roof material.

Warm Roofs

Imagine what you could buy and enjoy with your family if you could save money on your energy bills by upgrading your Flat Roof to an energy-efficient insulated Warm Roof! An impressive U-value of 0.18W/M2k is achieved by adding robust insulation boards over your current roof structure to keep the inner timbers warm and dry.

As well as heightened cosiness and comfort levels, you could also enjoy classic elegance in your home by incorporating a sophisticated and unique balcony or walkway into your non-slip Flat Roof to make it the envy of all your friends and family while adding value to your home.

Our Approach

flat and warm roof by ploughcroft, flat roof Wetherby

As firmly established respectable and reputable roofers backed up by prestigious credentials, our team at Ploughcroft have learnt what’s important when delivering roofing projects: you! Customer care and satisfaction is always at the forefront of our minds and underpins the services we offer.

Our customer-orientated service is practised by using the following procedure:

Our experienced surveyors assess your roof in depth to swiftly determine any weaknesses and identify what the best options for you are. Happily answering any questions, you have, our friendly team then take the time to understand what your needs and tastes are before delivering a professional and efficient service. Health and Safety and Building Regulations are always adhered to and we can supply High-Level Access equipment if necessary.

Benefits of Flat Roof Replacement

  • A wide range of solutions to satisfy all types of roof and budget,
  • Durable, safe, warm and clean solutions,
  • Pure, warm roof systems which are seamless to guard against leaking, lessening the likelihood of you having to invest in flat roof repair services later down the line.
  • Up to 20-year guarantees available,
  • Can be carried out in conjunction with Roofline systems,
  • Warm roof systems lower the U-value and therefore reduce heating bills.

warm flat roof

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