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Flat Roof Construction and Repair in Leeds

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If you're looking for a robust, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly and energy bill reducing roof that is resilient in the face of UV and bad weather exposure, then look no further than Ploughcroft's Flat Roofs.

To those native to Leeds or fortunate enough to work or live there currently, the Northern city is one that has a foot in the world of history, housing the national collection of arms and artillery at the Royal Armouries, whilst fully embracing all that is modern with a vibrant music scene and popular sports team.

Flat Roof Leeds

However, you can guarantee the people of Leeds are accustomed to always carrying a brolly, with the city receiving a high volume of rainfall all-year-round, making having a first-class watertight roof a top priority.

A leaky roof is not a pleasant feeling! Ploughcroft is glad to have a team of expert and specially trained roofing craftsmen on-hand to handle the installation, repair and maintenance of your Flat Roof and surpass your expectations.

With up to a 30-year guarantee and requiring very little maintenance over their lifetime, our Flat Roofs are all round winners. We value flexibility and offer a variety of Flat Roof options to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

Liquid Roofing

Ideal for large Flat or Pitched Roofs coverage, we use Sika Roof Waterproof Membranes. Highly water resistant and flexible, they can be seamlessly fitted to any surface without taking away the current roof cover.

Only minimal maintenance is necessary and the installation process is made safe by the Sika Membrane being applied cool so fire risk is non-existent, all to make your life easier. Fitted with next to no disruption, Ploughcroft Liquid Membrane is a wise choice for your Leeds Flat Roof.

Small Flat Roofs

If it’s an upgrade or repair to your garage, shed or extension you’re looking for, you have also come to the right place. Being a well-established and seasoned roofing business, our staff are well equipped to install the industry leading and trending Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System.

What makes Firestone EPDM such a favourable choice is its wealth of benefits, including being moisture and moss repellent whilst allowing vapours to escape dramatically reducing damp inside your home.

The advanced roofing system is one smooth piece that doesn’t shrink, crack or bubble making for a very attractive finish.

Warm Roofs

There’s always room for improvement and we’re pleased to say Ploughcroft Flat Roofs can be transformed into intelligently insulated Warm Roofs. How? Simply by fitting extra insulation boards over your current roof structure, creating the effect of sleeping under a duvet rather than on top of it. The roof’s internal timbers are kept warm, insulated and dry for your cosiness and comfort.

With a two-decade guarantee for your peace of mind, our adept and accredited tradesmen only use innovative insulated Warm Roof systems, which typically achieve an impressive U-value of 0.18W/M2k, keeping your energy consumption and costs low and your savings high.

Ploughcroft understands that each project- and each client- is different and, with Flat Roofs able to safely withstand large volumes of traffic, they can be personally tailored to your tastes and may be specified for balcony surfaces and walkways.

Our Approach

Ploughcroft ensures that our projects are efficient, successful and fully professional. That’s right, no stress or hassle for you to worry about.

We do this by actively observing the following procedure:

flat roof Leeds, building maintenance by ploughcroft

Our team carry out a detailed assessment of your property before any project is undertaken. They answer any questions you ask, keep disruption to a minimum and adhere to Health and Safety and Building Regulations as they work, whilst providing any High-Level Access equipment where necessary.

If your current Flat Roof has aged and has fallen prey to nasty leaks, it’s the right time for a replacement.

Benefits of Flat Roof Replacement

  • A wide range of solutions to satisfy all types of roof and budget,
  • Durable, safe, warm and clean solutions,
  • Pure, warm roof systems which are seamless to guard against leaking, lessening the likelihood of you having to invest in flat roof repair services later down the line.
  • Up to 20-year guarantees available,
  • Can be carried out in conjunction with Roofline systems,
  • Warm roof systems lower the U-value and therefore reduce heating bills.

warm flat roof

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