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Flat Roof Construction and Repair in Harrogate

Although Harrogate may sound charming being a pretty Northern spa town gem, residents and business owners in the area will be well acquainted with the regular rainfall. That’s why Ploughcroft is proud to offer an extensive range of Flat Roof solutions to suit all space and budget sizes so you can enjoy living in Harrogate as well as appreciating the town’s natural springs, beauty and heritage.

Flat Roof Harrogate, Warm Flat Roof

Our specially trained expert staff excel at the construction, installation and replacement of all types of durable and easy maintained Flat Roofs, which are a popular roofing choice. With them being an energy efficient option, meaning lower energy consumption and expenses, it’s easy to see why!

Renowned for their attention to detail and care towards all bespoke projects, our experienced and knowledgeable team can be counted on to deliver a reliable, safe and water resistant Flat Roof for your Harrogate property that is backed-up by a 30-year guarantee and can be fitted alongside Roofline Systems. 

Insulated and fortified, we offer a range of Flat Roof answers in Harrogate and the surrounding locations, catering to all your roofing needs, all of which excellently protect against leaks and water ingress.

Liquid Roofing

Usually used for covering large Flat or Pitched Roofs, we employ Sika Roof Waterproof Membranes. Highly resilient and watertight, they can be seamlessly fitted without taking away the current roof cover.

Requiring minimal maintenance and making the installation process safer by being applied cool so fire risk is non-existent, this is a high-performing long-term investment for your Harrogate property.

Small Flat Roofs

Sometimes it isn’t your main large roof that needs repairing or replacing; it’s your smaller buildings- your garage and extensions- that require treatment and updates. Our friendly team are well equipped and experienced at installing the Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System.

Coming in the form of seamless and subtle sheets for an attractive finish, the resistant qualities to deterioration and environmentally sound properties of this contemporary option make it an appealing choice for Flat Roof Harrogate projects.

Warm Roofs

Don’t you just love it when something average is transformed into something that is improved and better all-around?  Simply by fitting additional insulation boards over your existing roof structure, a Flat Roof can be easily converted into a Warm Roof, having the effect of sleeping under a duvet rather than on top of it. The timbers inside the roof are kept warm, insulated and dry for your comfort.

With a two-decade guarantee for your peace of mind, our well-seasoned and proficient craftsmen only utilise state-of-the-art insulated Warm Roof systems, which typically achieve an impressive U-value of 0.18W/M2k, keeping your energy consumption and bills low and your savings high.

Ploughcroft understands that each project is unique and, with Flat Roofs able to safely withstand large volumes of traffic, they can be customised to your preferences and may be specified for balcony surfaces and walkways.

Our Approach

Flat Roof Harrogate

Mess, stress and hassle may spring to mind when roof repairs and replacements are mentioned but with Ploughcroft projects only efficient, supportive and professionalism come into the picture.

Our team carry out an in-depth assessment of your property before any project is undertaken. They answer any questions you have, keep disruption to a minimum and adhere to Health and Safety and Building Regulations as they work, whilst providing any High-Level Access equipment where necessary.

If your current Flat Roof has aged and is suffering from leaks, it’s the right time for a replacement.

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“Ploughcrofts flat roofs come with a 30 year guarantee.”

flat roofing harrogate

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