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Flat Roof Replacement | Insulated Warm Roof Systems | Ploughcroft
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Flat Roof Replacement

If your current flat roof is old and you can see dampness or leaks coming through, it is time to look at replacement. Ploughcroft only specialises in the highest quality variety; warm roof construction that is highly durable, easy to maintain and extremely energy efficient. 

Ploughcroft offer a range of flat roof systems for all types of spaces and budgets with a life expectancy of up to 30 years.

Refurbishment or replacement of a flat roof is likely to be reportable to Local Authority Building Control (LABC). Part L of the Building Regulations requires additional thermal insulation to be installed when replacing the decking of a roof which is above a heated space. The new roof must achieve a U-Value of 0.18W/M2k.

As members of Competent Roofer, Ploughcroft are able to deal with all building regulations on behalf of our customers. You don’t have to worry about this compliance – we will deal with it all!


Liquid Roofing

SIKA Verified Contractor, SIKA Aproved Installer, Liquid Plastics Approved InstallerFor large flat roofs, we use Sika Roof Waterproofing Membranes. They are typically used for the covering of existing flat and pitched roofs, and their advantage is that they can be applied without removing the existing roof covering. Being liquid applied, they are ideal for complicated roof areas where there is a lot of detail.

Sika Roof Waterproofing Membranes are applied cold, eliminating the risk of fire during installation. It is low maintenance and the application causes minimal disruption.

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Small Flat Roofs

Firestone Rubber Roof, Firestone Installers, Flat roof replacementFor smaller flat roofs, such as extensions, garages, dormers etc., we use Firestone RubberCover. This comes in seamless sheets, is environmentally friendly and has a high durability. It is also fire-resistant.

Firestone Building Products specially designed the Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System for small residential flat roofing applications.

The system is based on high performing Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM rubber membranes and a limited range of accessories offering a watertight and durable roofing solution.

Balconies and Walkways

Flat roofs that can withstand heavy traffic may be specified for balcony surfaces and walkways.

Warm Roofs

Flat roofs are converted to Warm Roofs by adding extra insulation. Any flat roof above a habitable part of a house must be insulated to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. Since April 2006 this also applies to the refurbishment of existing flat roofs.

  • Lower heating bills throughout the year and rooms are cooler in the summer;
  • High-tech insulated warm roof which normally achieves a U-value of 0.18W/M2k;
  • Comes with a 20-year waterproof guarantee;
  • Fully complies with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Warm flat roof construction means taking a large amount of insulation up onto your roof, therefore, scaffolding is nearly always needed for access and safety. Read more about our High Level Access services here.

Benefits of a Flat Roof Replacement

flat roof construction
flat roof construction
  • A wide range of solutions to satisfy all types of roof and budget,
  • Durable, safe, warm and clean solutions,
  • Pure, warm roof systems which are seamless to guard against leaking, lessening the likelihood of you having to invest in flat roof repair services later down the line.
  • Up to 20-year guarantees available,
  • Can be carried out in conjunction with Roofline systems,
  • Warm roof systems lower the U-value and therefore reduce heating bills.