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Eco Roof | Room in Roof Insulation | Ploughcroft, West Yorkshire

Eco Roof | Room in Roof Insulation | Ploughcroft, West Yorkshire
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Eco Roof: The Roof That Pays For Itself

Room in roof insulation via Ploughcroft’s Eco Roof™ thermal blanket is the perfect solution if your property has an attic conversion, room-in-the-roof, loft conversion or a vaulted ceiling that could save you a substantial amount on your heating bills each year. 

Take a peek at our room-in-roof insulation video below which will show you how it works and perhaps provide a different perspective on energy saving.

Picture the thousands of properties in the UK that still have an original uninsulated attic or room in the roof, especially older houses. Ploughcroft’s research reveals that up to 50% of heat is lost through poorly insulated attics. Effective room in roof insulation could prevent this.

With this in mind, Ploughcroft has combined a re-roof with quality insulation to form an innovative Eco Roof™ which is the ideal solution older homes. Eco Roof™ is a high-tech room-in-roof insulation roofing system designed and developed by Ploughcroft to insulate old attic conversions, thus creating a warm, cosy usable living space.

An Roofing System That Works Harder to Keep the Heat In & Your Heating Bills Down

‘Ploughcroft installed and Eco Roof on our bungalow over two years ago. The bungalow has a low apex roof and vaulted ceiling that we love, however, there was no insulation. We were very impressed with the advice and price we were given by Chris which has turned out to be one of the best improvements we have made to our property. Our heating bill is really low, so much so that our energy supplier wanted to check the meter to make sure it was working correctly!’

Mrs P Walker, Filey

Ploughcroft Loft Conversions

Our state-of-the-art Eco Roof™ thermal blanket can ensure your modern Loft Conversion is energy-efficient and saves you money on your energy bills. Newly permitted development rights may mean there is no need for planning permission as your family embraces extra space and the increasingly popular trend of expanding upwards rather than outwards and moving home.

From electrics to plumbing and roof windows, our team can manage your full Eco Loft Conversion project meaning your loft could be transformed into a playroom, bedroom, study or even a home gym!

Ploughcroft Loft Storage

If you cannot run to a complete loft conversion or your loft space doesn’t have the required head height for a full loft conversion to meet building regulations, you can always invest in Loft Storage for your home.

Freeing up more space in the rest of your home, we can incorporate our innovative Eco Roof™ thermal blanket, as Loft Storage works can be carried out alongside an Eco Roof™ installation, keeping your Loft Storage area fully insulated saving you money on your energy bills!

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Benefits of an Eco Roof™

  • Saves up to £500 a year on heating costs;
  • Over time, the Eco Roof™ thermal blanket will pay for itself;
  • As we insulate from the outside, there is limited disruption to your living space;
  • Creates a usable attic room which stays warm in winter but cool in summer with our savvy room in roof insulation;
  • Eco Roof™ increases your property value by up to 14%;
  • Eco Roof™ also raises your Energy Performance Certificate by two bands.