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Eco Roof | Room-in-Roof Insulation | Ploughcroft Yorkshire

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Eco Roof™: The Roof That Pays for Itself

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Saves up to £500 a year on heating costs!

Room-in-roof insulation via Ploughcroft’s Eco Roof™ thermal blanket is the perfect solution if your property has an attic conversion, room-in-the-roof, loft conversion or a vaulted ceiling. You could save a substantial amount on your heating bills each year.

Take a peek at our room-in-roof insulation video below. It may provide a different perspective on energy saving.

As homeowners, we don’t think too much about our roof, providing it keeps out the rain and snow. However, thousands of people are wasting a substantial amount of money every year without even realising it. As energy prices continue to go through the roof, so does your money if your roof is not properly insulated. This especially applies to homes built pre-1967, before basic insulation was commonplace.

Eco Roof™ – A Roofing System That Works Harder to Keep the Heat In & Your Heating Bills Down

Ploughcroft’s Eco Roof™ is a unique, high-quality insulation system with the added benefit of a total re-roof which solves the problem of heat loss through the attic/loft.

Eco Roof™ uses the latest technology which is proven to have the most cost-effective insulation properties available. Installation takes place from the outside where the double-layered insulation is secured under the slates or tiles. So there’s no mess or need to redecorate inside.

Our Eco Roof™ Thermal Blanket is the ideal solution for older properties.

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