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Conservatory Roof Replacements in York

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Your conservatory being blisteringly hot in summer and teeth-chatteringly cold in winter sound familiar? A bespoke Ploughcroft conservatory roof would be the perfect remedy!

Celebrated as one of Britain’s most historic and romantic cities, oozing heritage charm, the sight-seeing sensation of York is just as an exciting place to visit as it is to live. From the famous York Minister that contributes to the traditional city’s fame to its hidden gems, York has something to offer everyone.

If you’re lucky enough to reside in York, you might have considered adding a conservatory to your home or enhancing your existing conservatory, allowing more light to illuminate and open your conservatory and letting you enjoy York’s pure countryside surroundings.

Ploughcroft’s customisable tiled conservatory roof replacement can fulfil both the need to allow more light to filter into your conservatory and to upgrade your conservatory as a whole. There’s no point having a brilliant conservatory if your extension’s roof isn’t in top-notch condition after all!

Fully energy efficient and incredibly insulated, our conservatory roofs can cope with any unpredictable weather and conditions York and northern England throws at them!

Exceeding all LABC (Local Authority Building Control) standards, our reliable and robust conservatory roofs for York homes and elsewhere can be further enhanced with sophisticated Velux Roof Windows that keep your conservatory steeped in natural light or with stylish Vaulted Ceilings that add a modern touch.

We understand that each home is as different and diverse as your unique tastes, which is why we take a personal approach to our tailored conservatory roofs. With Ploughcroft you have ample choice of tile / slate colour with an extensive range of matching fascias, soffits and gutters for an attractive finish.

Benefits of our conservatory roofs in York and surrounding areas include the advantage of our qualified installation team being able to draw on years of experience and apply it to your project, and all our roofs being backed by a secure 10-year guarantee on all elements with a 25-year guarantee on tiles.

The last thing you want to do after investing in your conservatory is to spend a fortune in future maintenance costs. With a Ploughcroft conservatory roof you won’t have to as they boast minimum upkeep requirements, eliminating leaks and external noise.

Benefits of Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

  • Gives an incredible U-Value of less than 0.18
  • Creates a living space which can be used all year round, making better use of your existing conservatory space
  • VELUX windows can be installed to give extra light. 10-year warranty unique to VELUX certified installers
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee provided through TheCompetentRoof Scheme with a 40-year manufacturer guarantee on tiles
  • Will retain warmth in the winter months and keep cool on sunnier days
  • Eliminates leaks which are often experienced in polycarbonate roofs
  • No more cleaning of dirty roofs and noise from rain, wind and wildlife
  • Choice of tile/slate colour with a full range of matching fascias, soffitts and gutters
  • Will withstand anything that our British weather throws at it
  • No dangerous over and under cladding of the existing rood structure

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