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Condition Improvement Fund

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Funding Support for Academies
and Schools through the Condition Improvement Fund

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) allows academies and sixth form colleges to apply for funding to make essential improvements to school buildings. 

Darfield Academy, Condition Improvement FundApplying for the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) for roof a replacement can be a challenging process. Priority for funding is given to projects which address compliance and health and safety issues such as essential electrical work or fire safety systems. These come in front of ensuring that the building is watertight.

School Supplier Banner When applying for funding for roofing works it is therefore absolutely essential to work with experts, professionals who have the specialist skill and proven track record of success when putting these types of bid together.

Ploughcroft work with some of the best funding surveyors in the industry. They only work with us on projects where there is a very good chance of success.

Liquid Plastic, Condition Improvement Fund, Flat RoofingOur survey partners are successful in over 90% of their Condition Improvement Fund bids. Not only will they provide a comprehensive survey of your academy, but also produce a bid that gives you a much greater chance of succeeding than others.

While we are roofing experts, we appreciate that it is not only your roof that may need addressing. Often several aspects of the building may need to be improved to help you provide the best education for your students. As such, our surveys cover the entirety of the building and premises. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that everything – not just your roof – is looked at. All of our surveys are free of charge. You will only have to pay for the survey should you be successful in your funding application. These costs will be covered within the funding.

When should you apply for the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)?

School Supplier Banner Applications for funding are usually made in Autumn with the results being announced in March the following year. However, it is best to start the process as early as possible. The earlier the start, the more chance of success and it doesn’t cost academies anything to put the bid together.

How can Ploughcroft help you with your Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Bid?

William Henry Smith School, Condition Improvement Fund, AcademiesPloughcroft are experts in roofing and work alongside Chartered Building Surveyors who are experienced in putting bids together. They have an excellent success rate and know exactly what the assessors are looking for when making their decision.

They will ensure that your bid contains all the right content and stands out from the crowd. With only approximately 40% of roofing replacement bids getting the go-ahead each year, we understand that it is imperative that you work alongside someone who can put a strong case forward.

The Chartered Building Surveyor will deal with the whole of the complex process from start to finish, from the initial advice on eligibility to submitting a bespoke bid.

Contact us today and we will arrange for a Chartered Building Surveyor to discuss your best way forward towards a successful funding application.

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) for Flat Roofing

SIKA Verified Contractor, SIKA Approved Installer, Liquid Plastics Approved Installer, Condition Improvement Fund, AcademiesWe work with SIKA Liquid Plastics to specify some of the best energy efficient solutions on the market today. They are cold applied, making them safe in education facilities. They are also low odour, so work can be carried out during term time.

To see how we work alongside SIKA and their industry experts, take a look at their guide to Funding Support for Academies and Schools. Discover some of our work on commercial flat roofs using SIKA.

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) for Pitched Roofing

Heritage Roofing, Condition Improvement Fund, Early Excellence Centre, AcademiesFor academies based in older, historical buildings, pitched roofs can be a problem. Leaking and missing tiles may be expensive to repair as they often require specialist knowledge.

At Ploughcroft, we specialise in pitched and heritage roofs.  We have extensive experience in working on large scale commercial projects, in particular schools. We are also proud of our Eco Roof™ Thermal Blanket, one of the most high-tech, energy efficient pitched roof systems available on the market today.

School Supplier BannerOur Eco Roof™ has been installed on several schools, making significant reductions to their energy costs. The Eco Roof™ is the perfect solution for keeping your school cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Read about our work with All Saints Academy and how they benefited from our Eco Roof™.

Working with Ploughcroft

As trusted roofing contractors on both domestic and commercial properties, it is our great pleasure to be able to improve schools and academies across the country and provide a place where children can learn in comfort and safety. We take pride in our efficiency, our transparency and our friendly work with clients, and we hope that you will consider us when the time comes to upgrade the facilities at your academy.

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