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Zinc Dormer Roof with Bi-Fold Doors, Leeds - Ploughcroft

Zinc Dormer Roof with Bi-Fold Doors, Leeds - Ploughcroft

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Zinc Dormer Roof


Here in Leeds, Ploughcroft have recently installed a Zinc Dormer Roof following a request by the customer needing a highly durable and corrosion resistant roof, with eco-friendly features incorporated into the bargain.

The Three Main Benefits of Using Zinc:

  1. The metal zinc itself has a very long lifespan and can last for years and even then it is entirely recyclable.
  2. Furthermore, zinc is extremely corrosion resistant and very durable for use in roofing and construction.
  3. Zinc is also an ideal metal for roofing due to its ability to be formed to solve difficult roof patterns and is excellent for moulding flashing around chimneys etc, as well as using as the main body of the roof.
Zinc Dormer Roof, Leeds
Zinc Dormer Roof, Leeds, roof window

The Zinc Dormer Roof project is still ongoing and will be furnished with Bi-Fold Doors, and includes making good use of the surrounding roof and internal finishing and plastering.

Zinc Dormer Roof, scaffolding, Leeds
Zinc Dormer Roof, waiting for Bi-Fold Doors, Leeds

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