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Ultraframe UltraRoof380 Conservatory Roof Replacement

Roberttown, West Yorkshire

Ploughcroft has had the pleasure of helping our customer make the worthwhile transition from polycarbonate to one of our solid conservatory roof systems for his Roberttown home.

We have left him very pleased after we replaced his old polycarbonate roof in favour of an Ultraframe UltraRoof380 solid roof system, so he could enjoy some of the benefits of both a solid roof and glass roof at the same time.

Best of Both Worlds

The 10-day project has resulted in our customer benefiting from natural daylight and less heat loss and noise pollution as the UltraRoof380 system includes numerous glass panels with the added bonus of the insulation properties that a solid roof brings!

Solid conservatory roof systems like those installed by Ploughcroft eliminate leaks which are often experienced with polycarbonate roofs and mean no more cleaning a noticeably dirty roof for our customer (polycarbonate roofs have a tendency to look grubby after a period of time due to rainfall and wildlife). As well as keeping our customer’s conservatory warmer in the winter months and cooler on sunnier days so he can use it comfortably all year round, the durable solid conservatory roof system can withstand anything the British weather throws at it.

The ‘380’ in the system’s name refers to the box beam which is the most important component of this system. The box beam is 380mm wide and runs around the perimeter of the roof sitting on window frames and walls.

solid conservatory roof systems for Mr Sheil in Roberttown

Building Regs Compliant

The UltraRoof380 is extremely lightweight in design and our customer chose to seamlessly install four offset, high performance, self-cleaning glass panels into the slate skin finished roof for a stylish look. In fact, according to Ultraframe’s website, the UltraRoof380 is the lightest tiled roof on the market, despite being incredibly strong.

This comes in handy as, if you are replacing an original conservatory roof with a solid roof, Building Regulation approval needs to be sought before any work commence. This is because conservatories are usually lightweight and cannot carry the weight of a solid roof. However, our customer didn’t have any of these concerns with the lightweight UltraRoof380.

Where needed, Ploughcroft can assist you in navigating Building Regulation approval.

Internally, the ceiling was plastered, and spotlights added to give a modern, contemporary feel.

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Solid conservatory roof systems installed by Ploughcroft

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