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Townhouse Extension, Lightcliffe | Building & Renovation

Townhouse Extension, Lightcliffe | Building & Renovation

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Extension to the Rear of a Townhouse

Lightcliffe, Halifax

This homeowner contacted Ploughcroft about an extension to their property in Lightcliffe, West Yorkshire. Their townhouse had an unusual layout, a large kitchen to the front, which left only a small lounge to the rear. As they have a large family they required additional space with a view over the rear garden, without the extension looking like it was ‘stuck-on’.

Ploughcroft assisted in the design process and suggested an extension of 2.5 metres to the rear of the property using stone that worked well with the existing brickwork.


The project was completed to a high standard and complies with modern building regulations. As the work was completed under a building notice it required no planning permission.

Modern building regulations set out requirements for structural integrity, energy efficiency, ventilation, damp proofing, fire safety and other measures to ensure the safety of all the members of the household. All building work, including extensions, must comply and Ploughcroft is proud to meet high standards every time.


Additionally, the homeowner had a bespoke arch window fitted to the extension to allow more light in and adding a unique feel, Ploughcroft used the same materials present in the rest of the house to ensure it fits the character of the rest of the property.

The homeowner was very pleased with Ploughcroft’s building work on their extension and we wish them the very best with making the most of the extra space for the children to run around in!


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