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Structural Roof Problems | Case Study | Ploughcroft

Structural Roof Problems | Case Study | Ploughcroft

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Re-roof and Structural Alterations to 300-Year-Old Barn


This barn was constructed in 1700 and the main roof structure was riddled with woodworm so bad that the timbers lost their structural strength. Therefore the roof began to sag.

Ploughcroft’s specialist building engineering skills were called upon and carried out a full structural stability report. The report showed clearly that the roof timber needed to be removed and replaced with pre-treated timber before further damage was caused.


As you can see, the timber is so damaged that it had to be removed before it collapsed into the barn itself. This work was done very carefully by Ploughcroft’s renovation team in order to avoid damaging any connecting walls.

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Although woodworm is very rare in newer domestic properties, it can be found in old buildings that have timber beams. It can be removed in a number of ways but on such a large-scale as this, the best way to fully eradicate them was to remove all the original beams. Other ways of removing woodworm include fumigation (smoking out the beetles), freezing (only suitable for furniture) and the surface application of pesticides.

During & After

All the original beams were replaced with new timber beams which will hold the roof together for another 300 years! These have been pre-treated so will not succumb to woodworm infestations.

After the roof was structurally sound a complete re-roof with our innovative Eco Roof™ product was installed, as well as two VELUX windows to allow light in. The installation has made the new roof almost four times more energy efficient than the old one. The installation of the Eco-Roof will make the new roof almost four times more energy efficiency than the old one.

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We’re pleased to have been asked to rescue this heritage building and hope that it will stand for many more years to come.

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