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Solar PV Panels & Battery Storage, Bradford | Ploughcroft

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Solar PV Panels & Battery Storage


Even More Energy-Efficient

On a property in Shipley, Bradford, our customer already had eight solar PV panels. Keen to be more self-sufficient, she opted to install three more panels on her rear lean-to conservatory. Along with this, we installed a battery storage system, allowing her to store any excess generation from the entire solar PV system.


New panels and monitoring

The three new panels were LG solar PV panels, with Enphase IQ7 microinverters right underneath. If a customer wants, Enphase microinverters have a monitoring gateway available to monitor their generation. We installed an energy meter to monitor the new PV system along with a distribution board to house the new PV and battery storage components.

New Solar PV Panels Roof before Solar PV panels installed

New storage

The battery storage device we used was a Sonnen 9.53 (5kWh) device. We installed it in the loft area so the customer can store the energy she doesn’t use during the day. Instead, she can use it in the evening when she needs it the most.

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