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Case Study | Scaffold Canopy over Roof | Ploughcroft

Case Study | Scaffold Canopy over Roof | Ploughcroft

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Scaffold Canopy Over Roof


When it comes to British weather we all well aware of how unpredictable it can be and you don’t want to risk delaying a roof repair or re-roof just because it is raining. This is where an all weather scaffold canopy over roof comes in useful.

By fastening a waterproof covering over the whole roof, we can replace the roof or renovated the loft room without the danger of water damage during times of bad weather. It acts as a temporary roof system while we work hard to repair or replace your roof quickly. The covering prevents rainwater leaking into the property.

Temporary roof systems are sometimes essential for scaffolding structures when it comes to repairing tiles and leaks in the roof, and especially for full roof replacements.

Our team at Ploughcroft are fully trained in erecting these temporary roofs safely. The scaffold canopy over roof is designed in advance to fit your house or commercial property and it is properly secured to withstand rain and high winds. This reduces risk to our workers and your house during bad weather and means major structural work can be completed at all times of the year.

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