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Restoration work on Halifax's Piece Hall Bell Tower | Ploughcroft

Restoration work on Halifax's Piece Hall Bell Tower | Ploughcroft

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Restoration & Heritage Lead Work on the Piece Hall Bell Tower


We recently completed a major restoration project on the iconic bell tower of the town’s historic Piece Hall, one of the final phases of the building’s long-awaited re-opening.

Situated at the Piece Hall’s main Westgate entrance, the bell tower forms a focal point of the famous building and is visible from far across the town.

It was originally used to sound the beginning and end of trading with any merchant caught working outside of permitted hours given a fine, though in recent years it has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Ploughcroft was briefed to restore it to its former glory, putting our significant heritage roofing expertise into practice. The project involved re-leading the bell tower, in particular, the lead turret, and installing extra lead welding on the lead dome and drips.

The Wider Conservation and Restoration Project

The project forms part of Ploughcroft’s wider involvement in Piece Hall’s restoration, that has seen us repairing and maintaining the 10,000 stone slates on the building’s sprawling roof over the past 12-months.

Set to open late 2016, the Piece Hall transformation project is funded by Calderdale Council and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund with GRAHAM Construction working on and overseeing the project. When it reopens, it will feature a Heritage Interpretation Centre, where visitors will be able to learn about the history of the building, independent shops, cafés and a newly landscaped courtyard area, which will be used for events, concerts and festivals, as well as being an attractive space for visitors to relax.

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