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Case Study | Re-Roofing, Brighouse, West Yorkshire | Ploughcroft

Case Study | Re-Roofing, Brighouse, West Yorkshire | Ploughcroft

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Ploughcroft were called to a stunning converted barn for a re-roofing project recently. This property has outstanding views over Cromwell Lake near Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

It is often the case with barn conversions that roofs are an unnatural shape or beams are warped through age. These were important considerations during the project.

The house was originally re-roofed in the 1980s but the imitation concrete slate tiles had begun to crumble into fragments. This is very unusual, even with the typical Yorkshire weather! Artificial tiles in the 1980s were made from a mixture of resins and crushed natural slate and looked very much like their natural counterparts. They were stronger (but much heavier) than the slates that came before them.

The 200 square metre property was re-roofed in reproduction slates from Grey Artstones Roofing Slates factory, based around the corner in Holmfirth, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Grey Artstones have provided reproduction slate and stone to Yorkshire and beyond for twenty years and are well known for their friendly approach and 25 year guarantee.

Each individual slate is hand crafted using moulds taken from original slate to ensure perfect fit and a natural look. They are designed to look diminished so are great for heritage buildings that wouldn’t want a modern roof look. Shades of the reproduction slates vary with no two being identical. It is very difficult to tell the difference between these and natural slate tiles.

Modern reproduction slates have the benefit of being strong for their weight. Compared to original slate, which can crack or break when cutting, reproduction slates are cut easily and offer 33% saving in weight. As they are reinforced with glass during constructions, the reproductions slates are also durable and protected from the elements.

For more information about re-roofing and reproduction slates, contact us or read more here.

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