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Re-Roof in Old English Roof Tiles, Brighouse | Ploughcroft

Re-Roof in Old English Roof Tiles


From Rosemary to Rustic Red

Our client wanted a re-roof that didn’t compromise their roof’s traditional appearance, so we carried out a re-roof that kept the aesthetic intact. For this project on Woodhouse Lane, Brighouse, we removed all the original Rosemary roof tiles and replaced them with Marley Ashmore 2-in-1 Old English in Rustic Red.

We think the Old English tile is an excellent choice for replacing the Rosemary tile. It has a traditional appearance yet outstanding performance and versatility.

We finished the project with a dry verge and dry ridge system, ensuring compliance with current building regulations.

As you can see, the finished project has, overall, a traditional look and feel despite the new roof tiles. We made sure it was in keeping with the rest of the property and those surrounding it.

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