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Poor Workmanship on a Roof Done on the Cheap


This is a job that Ploughcroft was recently called to in Bradford. The homeowner’s roof was falling apart after only 10 years, and leaking badly.

Rather oddly the owner was very pleased that only 10 years ago he had paid cash in hand and had his work done really cheap.

“I got a real roofing bargain!” he said.

The condition of a roof is very important in protecting the framework of the house and can affect selling prices. The longer a roof is left to leak into the structure, the more damage is done to the house itself.

Roofs are estimated to last between 15 and 30 years, but at Ploughcroft we build roofs to a very high standard, so our roofs can last up to 60 years. It’s an investment that you need to make if your roof is leaking.

To find out if your roof needs replacing, you can make a few observations yourself. Firstly, check for any missing or loose tiles – this is the first sign that something is wrong with your roof. Look for loose material or wear and tear around chimneys (like you can see in the picture below) Then check in the roof-space or attic for water marks or rain spots. Lastly, have a look at your gutters (if there are plants growing out of them, you need new guttering!).

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What Ploughcroft will do next

  1. The gutter needs renewing
  2. The lead valleys need renewing,
  3. The ridges and valleys need re furnishing.

Basically, Ploughcroft will replace most of the roof so that it lasts 60 years, not just 10.

If you think your roof could need replacing, you can contact Ploughcroft for a free quote or a roof inspection on 01484 72 33 44 or fill in this contact form to request a callback from a Ploughcroft representative.


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