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Case Study | Loft Conversion, Wakefield | Ploughcroft

Case Study | Loft Conversion, Wakefield | Ploughcroft

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Loft Conversion


Did you know you can lose up to 40% of your heat through an old, untreated room in the roof?

Ploughcroft were called to a property in Wakefield this week for a loft conversion. The house already had a loft space which was used as an ‘occasional room’ with the only access being a wooden ladder into the loft hatch.

The owners were keen to expand this space into a functional bedroom to increase the space and the value of the property. It was necessary for the room to be brought up to current building regulation standards.


It was a large job and the work consisted of:

  • installing new floor joists along with a new floor,
  • insulating the walls and ceiling,
  • installing roof vents for ventilation,
  • moving solar panels in order to install a new Velux window,
  • installing a new kite winder staircase including alterations to first-floor bedroom to accommodate,
  • upgrading all doors to fire doors.


Smoke detectors were also installed on each floor and additional radiators installed along with additional electrics including sunken lights in the new bedroom area.

As well as adding an extra bedroom, having the old attic space converted by Ploughcroft ensured that the room was well insulated. This means the property owners save money on their energy bills by reducing heat loss through the roof.


As you can see, by investing in a loft conversion, these homeowners have a cosy bedroom in the eaves of their house – perfect for a teenager wanting their own space – which will not only save them money on their bills but increase the value of their house.

Find out more about how a Ploughcroft Loft Conversion could increase the value of your home!

Your loft conversion doesn’t have to be a bedroom, however. It could be a home office or a storage space. For advice and more information about Loft Conversions, call Ploughcroft on 01422 202 919.

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