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Flat Roof Replacement and Roof Lantern


A New Kitchen Roof

This was a project of two parts. In Huddersfield, our customer’s kitchen had a flat roof that needed replacing. While we were at it, they also wanted to let more natural light in. So, we installed a Sika flat roof system with a roof lantern from Roof Maker.



First, we carefully removed the coping stones of the existing roof surface. The kitchen below was fully protected from the roofing works, and the lights were temporarily disconnected while we carried it out. We then made an aperture for the roof lantern and boarded over the rest of the roof, ready to apply the Sika flat roof system.


We used Sika’s 2-coat Liquid Plastic roofing system for this project. Once applied, we moved on to install a new, triple-glazed Slimline® Rooflight from Roof Maker.

Finishing Off

Once we had plaster-boarded the internal reveals, the electrics were reinstated, the original coping stones re-bedded, and new lead flashing installed against the main house wall.

The Sika flat roofing system carries a 15-year product warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty through Competent Roofer.

The Slimline® Rooflight we installed offers the ideal bespoke solution for those looking to introduce a contemporary feel to their home, with maximum glass and minimum aluminium frame. What’s more, this Rooflight was specially designed and made to fit the customer’s requirements. With a U-value of 0.6, this roof lantern is the highest energy-performing on the market, not just the most attractive.

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