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Re-Roof & Eco Roof Insulation, Hebden Bridge | Ploughcroft

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Re-Roof & Eco Roof Insulation

Hebden Bridge

Ploughcroft undertook a large project last week at a house in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

The owners requested a renovation of their attic room, as well as a re-roof and added insulation.

This property had an existing room in the roof which was unused and was in need of renovating and insulating. You waste approximately 50% of your home’s heat through a roof insulated with just plaster and slate. A lot of older properties are not insulated properly which is why an older house can feel cold and draughty. This is easily solved with good roof insulation.

The property was re-roofed and insulated with our Eco Roof™ system to provide a U-Value of 0.18w/m2 which will save the customer a substantial amount in heating costs. The ECORoof™ is a high tech insulation system developed by Ploughcroft. It is possible to save up to £470 a year with our ECORoof™ system – meaning that it will pay for itself.


Five new VELUX windows were installed, lead work renewed and new gutters installed to both sides of the property. VELUX windows are known for their reliability and quality and come with a ten-year guarantee. For this property, we used a flat roof window which doesn’t look out of place on an older building.

The old internal plaster was removed and the walls re-plastered providing a clean, warm environment. The owners of this house can now use this room as another bedroom, a study or whatever else they may fancy. It is a cosy, warm space that would otherwise be wasted. Renovating old attic rooms can add value onto your property.


Do you have a room in roof that isn’t being stretched to its full potential? Contact us about our EcoRoof™.

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