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Re-Roof, Eastwood Community School


SIKA Liquid Plastic Re-Roof

Early September – late November 2018

When the main roof of Eastwood Community School reached the end of its design life, it began to leak in various places. On the 2000-square-metre profile metal roof of Eastwood Community School, Ploughcroft carried out a liquid plastic re-roof. The bad condition of the roof membrane was typical throughout the entire roof area, so it was proposed that a SIKA Liquid System be applied over the roof area to give a 15-year guarantee. The project duration was 12 weeks.

Before the initial cleaning of the roof area, we had to remove all surface debris by hand, along with any visible growth and vegetation. We also had to protect all outlets to make sure no debris entered the drainage system.

All rust had to be removed by wire brushing, returning the surface to a bright, clean metal where possible. We tightened any loose fixings (or replaced when necessary) and replaced any corroded, damaged or missing fixings.

Once the metal surface had been de-rusted, it was degreased using a solvent-based degreaser. We then thoroughly rinsed it off with fresh water, applied SIKA Liquid Plastics Metal Primer to all prepared exposed metallic surfaces, and allowed it to dry before coating it with Sikalastic 625 Liquid Metal & Asbestos Plastic System.

The finished product…

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