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Chimney Breast Removal in Grade II Listed Building


This Officer’s Mess, formerly of Wellesley Barracks and now a part of Halifax Academy, is a Grade II Listed building near Halifax Town Centre. The barracks were established in 1873 but were redeveloped as part of an exciting plan to address the shortage of school places in the Halifax area in 2005.

As a result of the high demand for places at the Academy, expansion work was required in this building to convert six rooms into three large classrooms.

The initial structure of the building had two of these rooms separated by a wall and chimney breast, which had to be removed. After a structural survey, work was undertaken by Ploughcroft.

A structural survey allowed us to understand all aspects of the building to ensure we weren’t going to damage any load-bearing walls or cause damage to the roof. Structural surveys should definitely be considered on buildings needing extensive structural work.

As can be seen by the pictures, Rolled Steel Joists were used. The wall and chimney breast were removed without incident creating a much larger area for the pupils.

The project took approximately two weeks to complete including plastering, and we hope that all the staff and pupils from Halifax Academy are happy with their new educational space.

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