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Case Study | Cavity Tray Installation | Ploughcroft

Case Study | Cavity Tray Installation | Ploughcroft

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Cavity Tray Installation


Ploughcroft were called to Bingley recently to install a cavity tray to a window in a home.

This customer had rain driving in her lounge every time it rained with a strong wind behind it. We’re sure you’ll agree that, with the Yorkshire weather, it is not going to be very comfortable!


Cavity Tray Installation

The home already had a cavity tray installed from when it was built in 1975. By 2014 it was bitumen and was corroded and allowing water to seep into the living room through the windows.

A cavity tray is a permanent solution to protecting properties against damp. They can only be used on properties with cavity walls – that is, external walls with a gap between, known as the cavity. If your house was built after 1920 it is likely to have cavity walls.

Homes with extensions, conservatories, or have windows like the ones in the photos below will need cavity trays installed in order to protect the internal walls from leaks and damp.

Cavity trays are inserted between the outside wall and the inner cavity. They are lipped upwards on the inside to catch moisture from the inside of the outer wall.

This prevents water to leak down to the internal wall. They are also lipped downwards on the outside to direct water to the outside of the wall.

Cavity Tray Installation


Cavity Tray Installation


In this property, we installed a plastic cavity tray that will last at least 50 years. This gives the owner peace of mind and means her living room won’t be getting wet every time it rains!

If you’re experiencing damp in your home or leaks through the windows, please contact Ploughcroft today. We will be more than happy to help.

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